Unfortunately, thanks to the American Jewish Left, I am not sure the answer is yes.

In our specialized economy, one can almost never fully appreciate the quality of another’s work. We just don’t have the expertise or knowledge. When the grocer assures me the watermelon is fresh, I simply believe the fruit hadn’t been lying in storage for weeks; when the car mechanic tells me my Toyota is due for a “timing belt” replacement, I have to take his word for it. Therefore, when paying for the services of others we also pay for trust. Indeed, the more trust and prestige one can command, the higher the price one can charge for his services and labor.

What is trust in a professional context? It mostly means the old adage, “the customer is always right.” Meaning, that no consideration but the satisfaction and benefit of the client prevails. Indeed, as an old management consultant boss once shared with me, “you have to love your clients.” We pay good dollars trusting that no ideology would alter the professional-client bond, no agenda would come between the professional and his client.

And this is where thanks to the Jews of the Left, we are coming ever closer to a point of mistrust in Jewish professional offerings. If anything, American Jews ARE ideological. Pew tells us the following facts: 56% of American Jews consider “fighting for justice and equality” an important component of their identity; 49% of Jews define themselves as “Liberal,” and a whopping 67% of non-religious Jews define themselves as such.

We all know what “Justice and equality” and being liberal mean in today’s America. It means being an acolyte of the blasphemous faith known as Wokery. That tired yet frenzied bundle of Marxist orthodoxies that portray America as a land soaked in “systemic racism.” Humanity’s institutions, according to Wokery’s catechism, represent not tradition and attempts to defuse conflict, but oppression. The West, and especially America, are oppressive powers drunk on privilege that need to be cut down to size.

How? Through affirmative action and the elimination of academic standards, through the defacement of monuments and erasure of American history, through rioting and violence, and through the subversion of information to represent none but the authorized view.

Some professions are more clearly destroyed by Wokery. Journalism has obviously become a tool of propaganda where Pravda-like, ideology takes precedent over fact. College administration has transformed into a priesthood of critical race theory, where “Deans of Diversity” militate against academic rigor and meritocracy. But how long before this seeps into other professions if it hasn’t already? Would you trust a woke financial advisor with your money, to prioritize your wealth instead of punishing you for your privilege? Would you trust a woke doctor to take your health seriously? Recall how progressive health “experts” determined Lysenko-style that riots were a public health necessity.

And therefore, since so many Jews are utterly committed to Wokery, can you trust a Jew to do a good’s job?

Man is a highly statistical animal, that easily notices the law of large numbers. It’s in our genes to immediately discern allies from enemies through generalization. That’s how we survived through the rough years. Accordingly, in an almost mechanical fashion, I now discount the views of a Goldstein reporter or an Epstein professor, being so used to receive nothing but trite Wokery from such surnames. How long before many develop the same reaction to a Dr. Greenberg or an accountant named Cohen?

Every society is an in-society, a community bound together by trust. Without trust, one is automatically excluded. Ironically, American Jews are reviving all the old antisemitic stereotypes, casting themselves as untrusty zealous acolytes of an alien faith.

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Can we still trust you, Feldstein?