In recent years, at least in Jewish circles, there’s been a growing sense of the supposed plight of Jewish students. Organizations like Jewish on Campus inform us that Jewish students have been facing an ever-increasing number of incidents of antisemitism.

Indeed, based on this report, 74% of Jewish students believe that antisemitism on campus is a serious issue. 55% of Jews on campus now sometimes avoid certain spots on campus for fear of their safety.

If you look at the details and testimonials, these incidents which cause so much concern among Jewish students are mostly generated by the campuses’ progressive woke hordes: Accusations of “colonialism,” chastisement due to support of Israel, intimidation from Arab students, aggressive promotion of the BDS campaign, etc.

This does sound very unpleasant. One would assume then that Jewish students would assume the opposite perspective of their abusers, a perspective of respect towards the settled nations of the world, towards the settled nation of America, towards the lawful liberty of Western civilization, and towards the need to conserve Anglo-Western culture here in America, lest the country degrade into a frenzied swirling mob of woke acolytes.

But no!

Based on this report, Jewish students are actually the wokest of them all. 40% believe it’s acceptable to shout down speakers of conservative persuasions that transgress the race-gender-woke agenda; 47% of Jewish students (compared with an all-faith average of 40%) think it is sometimes OK to block other students from attending events.

Exploring the detailed data, 78% of Jewish students would oppose the invitation of a speaker who maintains that transgenderism is a mental issue. At the same time, 62% of Jewish students support inviting speakers who believe the “police should be abolished because they are racist.” Underlying this – 66% of Jewish students lean liberal.

And so, I have absolutely no sympathy for Jewish students and their real or imaginary plights. Like so many other grievance groups, chasing after the eternal Vict-coin, it appears that Jews on campus wish to be recognized as victims while defecating on their home country, her settled people, and her traditions. So let them deface statues and scream “Racists!” while they themselves are defaced and screamed at. Who cares.

Who are the wokest of them all?

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