This website keeps coming back to 4th century Rome as a terrific analogy to our own times: A society taken over by a crazed cult. A cult that had been keeping in the shadows for centuries, yet suddenly rises to occupy every institution of power, including the Imperial Throne itself.

Back then, just like now, not everyboy was happy with the rise of the new “woke” cult, Christianity. Yet backed by the powerful dynasty of Constantine the Great, nobody could do much about it. That is, until Julian came to power. The unlikely emperor, a combination of military genious and philosopher-king, came to power in 361 and was determined to roll back the tide of the Christians. Determined to restore the old ways of Hellenism and paganism, his reign, alas, came to an abrupt end within only two years. But during those two years, he had managed to show us a path that can now guide us, as a Hellenic ghost guarding a sacred tomb.

Being of Christian origins, and of a peaceful disposition in general, Julian was not interested in a Diocletian-style bloody persecution of Christians (“Galileans” was his favorite derogatory). Instead, he was elegantly focused on decoupling Christianity from all the imperial sources of power.

First, he declared all religions, faiths, and sects in the empire to be tolerated. None could claim another to be a heresy or a blasphemy. That was rather clever: It was meant to weaken Christians in their attacks against paganism, but it was also meant to encourage heresy and splintering within Christianity itself. Under Julian’s edict, Christians could not purge themselves from competing dogmas such as Arianism, and had to endure splintering.

Second, he denied Christian priests and bishops all their formerly held state-sactioned privileges, such as the ability to travel at the state’s expense using the empire’s sophisticated road system.

Third, he initiated a great restoration process of ancient temples (he even wished to restore the ancient temple in Jerusalem!), pagan monuments and religious ceremonies.

Fourth, and most famously, he banned Christians from being grammarians. Meaning, he banned them from being able to teach young, aspiring Romans wishing to catapult themselves into the upper echelons of Roman society.

What can we learn? A lot. When conservatives reclaim power they have to act as creatively and dynamically as Julian did, and work to decouple Wokery from all sources of power. We should:

  1. Deny public funding or federal contracts to any school, university, corporation, association, or not-for-profit that engages in “diversity” and “equity” training or mandates critical-race-theory inspired conformity. No grants, no business contracts, nothing.
  2. Begin an ambitious restoration of all classical and patriotic monuments defaced and toppled by the mobs of Wokery. Not only that, build NEW monuments and mandate every federal building to be adorned with statues of Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the Founding Fathers.
  3. Clear the federal administration from any traces of “diversity and inclusion,” critical race theory, and the anti-American worshippers of such ideologies. It’s not a religious test, it’s getting rid of those incapable of serving the interests of the American people.
  4. Break the financing network of Wokery. Deny the limited liabity status of any corporation that engages in anti-American Wokery. Individuals, and groups of individuals, can naturally engage in whichever blasphemous activities they wish, including Wokery. However, there is no reason for the government to grant a charter of limited liability to such collectives which engage in activities harmful to the American interest. Let them manage on their own and be exposed to personal liability.
  5. Disolve the Left’s blasphemous coalition of fake minorities and self-appointed grievance groups. This website is doing the best it can by attempting to pull out the Jews. A conservative government could do so with much more powerful means. Imagine a campaign against mass immigration in the name of the environment; a campgain against Muslim immigration in the name of women’s rights and preventing polygamy. There are probably much better Machiavellian ideas out there.

Could the Left reverse this when they regain power? Sure, Julian’s reforms were thoroughly reversed upon his untimely death. So let’s make sure not to die.

Grey coin depicting bearded man with diadem, facing right. The text around the edges reads D N FL CL IVLIANVS P F AVG, clockwise.
Julian the Based

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