Happy 13! It’s ADL Watch Bar-Mitzvah edition. And how festive and appropriate. Mr. Greentoad is going after the febrile Left’s favorite target: The Proud Boys!

Why the hate? From personal knowledge, this website can attest that many Jews are actually members of the Proud Boys. Further, the Proud Boys are a fun fraternity of bibulous men, who like tattoos, conservative politics, and breakfast cereals.

Mostly, this website believes, the frenzied hate and repeated attacks are due to the One Cause: The Left goes after any element that does not comport with its orthodoxy of dismantling traditional America. The Proud Boys, Western chauvinists and traditional by definition, burly, manly and tattooed, are high non-comportment list. Hence, every Tuesday, or perhaps Thursday, or both, the Proud Boys receive their 2-minute of hate throughout Wokedom’s arms of propaganda.


“I’m not a Proud Boy! I’m a dweeb!”

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