Going Native – The Talmudic Network of “Noticers”

In foreign service circles, “going native” is a well-explored and genuine risk. Think about it as the Avatar syndrome – a diplomat is sent into a foreign country, perhaps even a hostile one, to represent his own country’s interests, yet begins to assume the perspective and interests of the foreign population. Going native.

Apparently, it’s also called “clientitis” which is an apt name for what happens when you forget a junior consultant at a client company for a year. After the poor soul completes an annual cycle of Monday to Thursday travel to the client company, he becomes one of the Na’vi.

It’s important therefore to reassign your foreign service officials every so often, as well as your huddled junior consultants.

Something similar, notice, happens to “influencers” who busy themselves day and night with epiphanies, “exclusive” content, and “noticing” the so-called Jewish Question.

A few examples:

The most obvious case in point is little boytoy chief Groyer Nick Fuentes. Like a diplomat in a foreign, presumably hostile, nation, Fuentes spends his entire time thinking about Jews. How Satanic they are, how the Talmud is the manifestation of the Antichrist, how the Star of David is the symbol of the Evil One, how Jews are an enemy to be banished to Israel or maybe cleared even from there, you know the drill.

It’s a rather successful drill given Fuentes’s following of Groypers and Noticers. But is it too successful?

Look at little Nick. He is quite literally the embodiment of the Jewish stereotype – physically underdeveloped and slight, a creature of words and symbols (not of uber-manly things like farming or soldiering), his entire job is in the media, not the factory or the battlefield, his voice is nasal and coarse, and his hand gestures exaggerated.

He fits the stereotype so completely, that it gives me the same immediate embarrassment-by-proxy reflux I get from watching a Woody Allen movie.

And then you have the other boi, Keith Woods. Granted, more esthetically pleasing if you’re into the waifish “may I have some more” vibe, but still not exactly a son of Odin. Woods can be found on Twitter doing “spaces” where he opines about Jews and Israel to the cheering oriental accents of characters with names like “Syrian Girl” or simply “Tashfeenah.”

Woods has gone native too, sadly. On a recent space with the honorable Peter Brimelow from VDare, Woods was asked about his plans for the future. His reply? “Well, I’ll write more, maybe publish something in more long-form, maybe look into politics…” No drills or lathes or ploughs or guns or ships or beakers or stethoscopes. Just doing more online stuff, you know. The total Jewish stereotype.

Finally, we have the creature who goes by “Academic Agent.” Formerly not unreasonable, but as of late completely obsessed with all things Jewish – referring to Jews as the “ancient enemy,” accusing rivals of “drinking Jewish cum” (while journaling Bridget Jones-style about his children, quite bizarre), and even publishing an extremely unlearned piece where he “dispels” the myth of high Jewish IQ. Sure, the pudgy half-Iranian with no quantitative skills who reviews cartoons on his YouTube channel, has succeeded in rebuking Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, and every researcher of psychometrics in the history of the field.

Now Agent has *totally* gone native. Or perhaps he’s always been a native. Physically, he looks like a fat version of the greedy merchant meme, plus a few unsightly moles. Much more Mime than Siegfried.

Economically, the guy makes a living off being online – word-smithing, editing videos, authoring “exclusive” content, and even penning books where he professes ad nauseam the Gnostic theory of everything known as Elite Theory.

This leads me to the spiritual point, where I suppose we can learn from Rabbi Fuentes. If Judaism is a Satanic or Gnostic cult, then surely so are trite YouTube applications of “elite theory” – the world is ruled by invisible cabals, every belief is nothing but a “political formula” to justify “Power” (with a super capital P!), and only Academic Agent and his midnight guests are blessed with the enlightened sight to lead us through the realm of lies into the realm of the true God.

My advice to all the above – diplomats, consultants, and YouTube “noticers” and dysfunctionals – is the same: change your schtick once every so often. Otherwise, hava nagila and welcome to the Talmudic Network achim sheli!