On The Recent Pro-Palestinian Mania

We’ve probably all noticed how popular the Palestinian cause seems to be these days. But some seem to be remarkably ignorant on exactly who the people carrying out these protests are. Without a doubt, the most ignorant possible take on it comes from the ADL-worshipers, who seem to believe that they were right all along about anti-semitism being everywhere. To those of us who have been observing the modern political scene with a decent amount of objectivity, the way it has played out isn’t terribly surprising.

If you follow the appropriate accounts on Twitter/X, Instagram, etc, it’s pretty obvious that all of these protests are being organized and filled out by the exact same far-left activists who have been doing BLM and Antifa protests since at least 2015. The PRO_NYC twitter account is a good source to get started with. The exact same people who have been wailing about there being Nazis everywhere and everyone on the Right being anti-Semetic nonstop. It gives them no qualms at all to become extreme apologists to the most powerful and active anti-Jew organization in the world right now, Hamas.

This shouldn’t be surprising at all if you understand the philosophy behind these movements. As a brief overview, the central thesis of the woke movement is that every possible affinity group exists on a ladder of oppression. The higher any affinity group is on the ladder, the more virtuous they are, the more excused any of their misdeeds will be, and the more any failures to achieve on their part are ultimately the fault of everyone below them on the ladder. Individual effort and behavior is meaningless, everyone is judged entirely on the basis of which affinity groups they belong to. Any group increases its position on the ladder by finding new ways in which they have been oppressed, so naturally there is a constant effort to find more ways every group has been oppressed.

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, who is higher on the oppression ladder? Obviously the Palestinians are. They’re People Of Color who can be regarded as being forced off of their land by a powerful enemy who can be regarded as colonists. They face strict enforcement to prevent them from committing further acts of terrorism. Meanwhile, the Israelis are Jews. They’re mostly high-achieving whites (ssssh, don’t tell the Wokeists that Ashkenazi are only about 32% of the Israeli population). Their only claim to victimhood is the Holocaust, which is wearing a bit thin these days.

As a result of this, the Palestinians clearly get a higher position on the ladder of oppression. Therefore, everything they do is justified, no matter how savage it may appear, and the reports of savagery will be regarded as fabricated, even when Hamas militants filmed them and published them themselves on their own channels. Their own death counts will be exaggerated, and everyone will be regarded as a victim of Israel, regardless of whether they actually committed violent acts or stood by while Hamas launched rockets from their neighborhoods. Hamas will face no blame for forcing civilians to stay in the line of fire, setting up shop in hospitals, or hijacking food and medical goods for their forces. They’re the oppressed, you see, so everything they do is justified.

Pay no attention to the arms caches found at a hospital!

Meanwhile, everything the Israelis do is automatically evil. No matter how fair and even-handed they have attempted to make their counter-attacks over the years, they are still regarded as horrific oppressors. The IDF has gotten pretty good at minimizing casualties while taking on the Palestinians, and so naturally their lack of bodycount is regarded as more proof of how evil they are.

The important part to understand about this is that it’s a perfectly standard application of Woke Progressive philosophy. It may slide into proper anti-semitism with surprising ease at times, but there is no interest in these types in any sort of unification with the harder-line anti-semites and White Nationalists out there, who generally don’t care much for Israel or Palestine.