Those of us who profess the Jewish faith find ourselves in a remarkable time today. Public discourse is dominated by a Reform and Progressive movement that cares nothing for religious values, and prefers advancing an agenda which is not only secular and anti-religious but also remarkably authoritarian. The majority of Jews with more traditional religious beliefs and political positions tend to find value in keeping within their own communities, and spend much less effort on proclaiming those positions to the outside world.

I recognize the importance of making your own local community your highest value, but this tendency is under greater threat than ever, and too many of our own kind have embraced an ideology that seeks to snuff out all independent thought. I seek to use my voice and position to advocate for more libertarian positions which reject utopian views of centralized control and embrace Conservative ideas that empower individuals and localized groups and preserve the values that made us great.

I call on people of all faiths and nationalities to work together to reject the authoritarians who seek to control us all, and I call on my fellow Jews in particular to stand up and be counted as being on the side of individual liberty and reject any attempt to paint the authoritarian movement as Jewish.

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