The Fate of the Jewish Conservative

Like a starship in space, caught between the gravity fields of two celestial objects, the Jewish conservative never quite belongs. Hover a bit in one direction, and he may crash and burn into the celestial body of other Jews who are sure to excommunicate him as “self-hating.” Hover in the other direction, and he is excoriated by the fringe hardcore right, as a subversive representative of rootless cosmopolitans.

What then to do? Channeling the instincts of Lord Salisbury, I believe we should do nothing. Such is our fate and we should bear it with pride. But to do nothing sometimes takes a great effort. To maintain our balance between the two planetary bodies, we must equally thrust against both.

As to our fellow Jews, 75% percent of whom are frenzied liberals, the vanguard of the woke movement calling for the dismantlement of traditional America, we should show no mercy. We must fight them, ridicule them, expose them, and do our best to minimize their influence in Jewish circles. To the goblins calling for open borders in the name of “Tikkun Olam” and to limits on our God-given rights in the name of contempt towards middle-America, we say “Never!”

Most of our friends on the Right are of course benign like-minded individuals. Patriots supporting the sacred Trinity of minimizing third-world immigration, avoiding silly wars, and re-industrializing the heartland. Honorable citizens wishing to reclaim America’s heritage as an Anglo-Western polity, a 400-year-old continuation of Western Europe, and an offshoot of the thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon civilization. A vocal minority, however, likes to play Third-Reich toy-soldiers. Dabbling in febrile revivals of Ford’s “The International Jew,” they speak in code about the “JQ” (Jewish Question) or the “ZOG” (Zionist Occupation Government).

Here again, to maintain our orbit, we must thrust in the opposite direction. We should ridicule these gadflies and expose them as the silly irritants they are. But at the same time, we should reach out with compassion. The visibility of zealous Leftist Jews was bound to create a counter-reaction, an almost natural defense mechanism against a perceived cult of Anti-American universalists.

Such is our fate. We have not chosen it, it has chosen us, like God’s Chosen People as we are.

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