Milo on Israel

Here’s a wonderful post written by Milo Yiannopoulos, infamous troll but also brilliant and a long-time friend of the movement, on why American Christians should support Israel:

If you care about the survival of the west, you must support the state of Israel. Here is why.

Jews in America often seem committed to subverting and weakening western civilization, as a prophylaxis against hypothetical future hostilities against Jews. This is totally understandable. But it’s counterproductive—it actually makes people hate Jews, bringing about exactly the horror it professes to defend against.

Moreover, it destroys beautiful, good, true and precious things. So it must end. The only way to fix it is to break the spell of the Holocaust, which was cast in the 1960s—as Peter Novick explains in the book I’m always recommending—and which laid the foundation for identity politics, aggressive victimhood and cancel culture.

If you care about Christendom, you must support the existence and success of Israel, because all our futures—Jewish and non-Jewish alike—depend on the Jewish people forging a new, positive identity, free from this suffocating baggage.

I suspect this is why liberal secular Jews hate Israel so much. A powerful and successful Israel breaks the spell. It dissolves the special status. It unravels the victimhood narrative. It’s our best and maybe our only hope.

Nuke the Middle East and hand it all over to Israel. One nice big sheet of glass they can build their nanotech factories on.

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I am reading Peter Novick’s book The Holocaust in American Life myself, and hope to have more to say about it soon.