StopAntisemitism Watch #2

Just thought I’d check in again on how StopAntisemites is doing lately, and what do I find?

Why they’re only trying to get Internet backbone services such as Cloudfare to censor and cancel anybody whose opinion they don’t like. Censoring free speech is bad enough, but it’s particularly insidious when you try to pressure core internet services into doing it for you. These services have no business picking and choosing who is allowed to state what opinions on the internet, and organizations trying to pressure them to do so are making the world a worse place. They can do that, but not in the name of Judaism!

Next up, we have this little campaign of theirs:

Can we knock it off on the pearl-clutching because a guy who is married to a Jewish woman talks a little smack while playing video games? Hello, welcome to the 21st century, people call each other every nasty thing they can come up with in video games. Knock it off with the desperate attempt to convince gullible Jews that there are closet Nazis around every corner.