ADL-ISH WATCH #11 (Actually, B’nai Brith)

So B’nai Brith Canada is taking an issue with a rise in loathsome antisemitic incidents at the University of Toronto. Mostly things generating from the Left’s cult of anti-colonialism and that sort of thing: Referreing to Jews as “Ashke-Nazis,” declaring an “Israel Apartheid Week,” you know the tiresome drill.

However, a review of the B’nai Brith website itself finds that it is laced with salutations, genuflections, and signaling towards the SAME leftist orthodoxy – declarations about “diversity and inclusion,” platitudes about “social justice,” etc. Worse, B’nai Brith has a policy paper in which it does NOT condemn Canada’s oppressive speech laws. Instead, it supports them, wishing to increase the powers of the speech-police by extending them to cover anti-Jewish speech.

The condemnation of Israel and the Jews as “colonial oppressive powers” and the condemnation of “hate speech” and “systemic racism” are both facets of the same blasphemous orthodoxy – the progressive Left’s obsession with oppressors and oppressed known as “Wokeness.” What used to be the radical, bizarre ideas of Marxist academics in the 1960s is now the creed of the political Left – the idea that society is defined by power, emanating through all institutions, and therefore is an endless melodrama of subjugation and liberation.

So you can’t have your Marxist cake and eat it too. B’nai Brith would do well to completely reject Wokery, deconstruction, and the social-justice orthodoxies of the Left. Instead, it should support the conservation of Canada as an Anglo-Western society. Sorry bubelehs, but it’s a poop emoji for you.

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