Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well – Passover Edition!

Jews Behaving Badly

As the frogs inflicted upon the Egyptians, Jews behaving badly are never a scarce resource. I am always tempted to choose Bette Midler, the dulcet-voiced entertainer who insists on enriching her Malibu life with progressive screeches on Twitter. However, like the child Moses, as I am about to reach for the keyboard, the angel of the Lord stays my hand, and Bette is spared.

But then there is Rachel Levine, who stands as a testament to the technological limits of modern plastic surgery. She made history of sorts this week by being confirmed as the “first openly [because we already have Lindsey Graham] transgendered person” in a presidential administration. Now, Levine is not the highest figure on the totem pole, she is only the assistant secretary of the HHS, but that is high enough to inflict some damage.

A paragon of narcissism, Levine is supportive of administering puberty blockers to the interrupted offspring of the aspiring middle-classes. You know the type: Stick a BLM sign in your yard and transition your daughter Chloe to become a 5’1″ Chuck.

Like the plagues of Egypt, there is plenty more! Beyond trans Advocacy, Levine is a grab-bag of woke orthodoxies. Her spokesman-woman-wxmzn has already assured an eager public that despite Levine’s recent elevation to untold fame “She has given every indication that she will continue to center equity from all perspectives when ascending to federal office.” Whoo!

May Fortune smile upon Rachel Levine (and us).

Jews Behaving Well

Having not changed much since the Book of Numbers had detailed our journey through the desert, we are still a sinful bunch of whiny Israelites. Yet like manna from heaven in the wilderness, well-behaving Jews do appear when you need them. I was hoping to nominate the “Lovers of Zion,” an organization that seems to share the views of this website. However, I couldn’t find any recent activity from the previous week, which is a disqualification for this highly venerated weekly award.

So instead, here’s Ben Shapiro! The fast-talking expert debater was able to repudiate in eight short minutes Obama’s (yes, he’s still around) arguments in favor of “gun control.” He did so by using this website’s favorite tool – numbers! Well done Ben.

Obama’s style of rhetoric is a kind of anti-Wilde style. Like Wilde’s, it is based on one-liners, but unlike Wilde’s they are not funny, they just make you puke. “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon, “The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful,” and of course “Yes, we can!” This week, Obama lent his much-celebrated oratory to support gun control in the wake of the mass shooting in Colorado. Using vivid panic-porn, he argued that “we should be able to live our lives without worrying that the next trip outside our home could be our last.”

Shapiro, using the unforgiving cold metal of numerical analysis (relying on the FBI’s crime statistics) demonstrated how the chance to die in a mass shooting is about 1 in 6 million. We pay a high price for our society’s numerical illiteracy. We’ve become a nation that is easy to panic and never puts anything in perspective. All it takes is a mild Tik-Tok campaign.

So Shapiro is the hero of this week’s Haggadah.

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