The Capitol Protest Is Our Reichstag Fire

It seems like everything that happens in American Politics these days must be compared to something in the rise of the Nazi regime. I don’t think there’s much comparison in general, but since that’s all we seem to be able to talk about these days, I thought I’d bring up something that does seem quite similar.

In 1932, the Nazi party had been democratically elected to power, and Hitler was named Chancellor. This was not enough for him, so naturally he was always on the lookout for a suitable pretext to seize more power. On February 27th, 1933, he got his wish. A Dutch Communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, had allegedly set fire to the Reichstag building, the home of the Weimar Parliament. It is still disputed to this day exactly what happened – some allege that he truly acted alone, some think the act really was planned by the Communist International, and some think that it was a false flag by elements of the Nazi regime and van der Lubbe was framed.

Regardless of what actually happened, the Nazi party seized upon the act to claim that there was a Communist plot to take over the country. President Hindenburg and the rest of the Weimar regime apparatus went along with this framing and passed the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended most civil liberties. There was another parliamentary election a week later, on March 5th, and the active suppression of the Communist party enabled by the decree allowed the Nazi party to increase their representation considerably. This paved the way for the Nazi’s real goal, passing the Enabling Act, which would allow Hitler to rule as Führer.

The parallels to the Capitol Protest on January 6th almost seem to write themselves. The acts are different in that the Capitol Protest had hundreds of participants, but they were poorly organized, didn’t seem to have any specific plan, didn’t have any significant weapons, and caused minimal damage to the Capitol. Despite that, the incoming Biden regime and their media allies immediately seized upon it, termed it an “insurrection”, and set upon arresting and charging anybody who could be associated with it in any way, regardless of what they had actually done. They seem determined to paint it all as “white supremacy”, despite the fact that nobody who was involved claims to be any kind of racial activist.

It would be interesting to read the original local media coverage of the Reichstag Fire to compare the propaganda techniques they used to the propaganda techniques the American Mainstream Media is using to cover the Capitol Protest. We can observe that they always mention that 5 people died, but never who they were or how they died. The goal is to imply that the protestors were violent and killed people, but the reality is that none of the protestors hurt anyone. It was 4 protestors who died and one police officer who died of unknown causes. The main goal of the protestor seemed to be to take selfies in the capitol. They also never report on or compare the Capitol Protest to the still-ongoing protests in Portland, Oregon, or to any other protests at the US and State Capitols carried out by Leftists.

We haven’t gone as far or as fast as the Weimar Regime did in suspending civil liberties, but we seem to be on the path to the same place they went – a single-party state, with all opposition tarred by association with the “insurrection” and sentenced to long prison terms on any pretext they can come up with.