Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well

Jews Behaving Badly

Adam Milstein, an Israeli who had immigrated to these shores in the 1970s, has prospered well under America’s system of liberty and individual rights. He is now a millionaire of sorts and the head of a vast real-estate group. However, that prosperity did not teach Milstein to appreciate the values that enabled it and that are enumerated in our Bill of Rights: The freedom of speech, due process, and a limited scope of government.

Milstein, demonstrating a complete lack of inculcation in the values of America, rejoiced on Twitter upon the arrest and imprisonment of one Alison Chabloz. Chabloz, who seems like a jolly if a tad obsessed person, likes to post anti-Jewish things online. For that, a judge in the UK, where freedom of speech is not an absolute right, decided to put her in prison for 18 months.

For being a vengful he-harpy, Milstein gets to be our weekly Bad Jew and wins a kick from Balaam’s donkey.

“You say mean things! Go to prison!”

Jews Behaving Well

Ever a more challenging category. Whereas our sins are as plentiful as the grains of the pomegranate, our good deeds are more limited in scope. But nonetheless, Caroline Glick, a bilingual Israeli-American journalist (now dwelling in Israel), is our happy choice this week.

In the last few days, she went after both the ADL, and Kamala Harris’s idiotic Baal-worshipping Seder. Especially for that last one, she wins the Good Jew award of this week, and with it the eternal glory of King David and this website.

And why not expand a bit on the topic of Kamala Harris? Now our ineffective Border Czarina, inviting the Third World in, she reminds me of the Lovecraftian Shub-Niggurath. A powerful blasphemy wonderfully remembered by the epithet “the black goat of the woods with a thousand young.”

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