The ADL keeps expanding its brand as the “Hate is Us” super wokestore. And now, an assault on Arkansas. That state, per the ADL, has had the audacity to not have a special “hate” law category on its books. How peculiar! It treats murder as murder, theft as theft and violence as violence, regardless of the skin tone of those involved. It is as if Arkansas carries old the ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition of equality under the law. Defiantly, it takes seriously John Adams’s words to establish a “government of laws, not men.”

Clearly, the idea of “hate” crimes is a Leninist scurge, where what matters isn’t justice, only “who and whom.”

Begone, ADL! Leave the South alone and slither back to your fetid, crowded metropolises, where you and your enablers, like beached sardines, discharge the stench of decay.

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