ADL Watch #17 – Busted Astroturfing

A recent investigation by Forward has shined a light upon a disturbing campaign that the ADL has been carrying out for roughly a year. The ADL had established a staff of at least 8 full-time employees directed to make edits to Wikipedia articles. Their job is to add references to ADL content to as many articles as they can.

For example, Wikipedia user OceanicFeeling123, whose profile claims to be an employee of the ADL, authored edits to the Wikipedia article on the recent GameStop Short Squeeze on February 3rd to add a reference to an ADL article attempting to tie the event to anti-Semitism. The sources for this article are mostly a handful of obscure Twitter accounts, Reddit posts, and Telegram channels, none of which gained significant prominence or had any real connection to the campaign. Curiously, one of their sources is self-proclaimed Nazi Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stormer site. Actual Nazis blaming the Jews for everything is nothing new, but organizations that claim to defend Jews promoting their conspiracy theories is itself a conspiracy theory that this represents dangerous persecution of Jews.

Another user going by NathanielRuth, who also claims to work for the ADL’s Communications Team, has provided contributions like linking an ADL hit piece on Bitchute in the article on their hosting provider Epik. In the usual pattern, the article smears many civic nationalist organizations as racist, links a few actually racist organizations, and tries to use all of the smears together to get either the videos or the whole site taken down. Naturally, left-wing extremism and anti-White racism is never an issue to them.

There are many more examples of the activities of the ADL’s Wikipedia Editing department on this discussion page. Fortunately, despite the Wikipedia editors being made up of woke ultra-leftists who support the ADL, the conflict of interest and corruption is egregious enough to gain their attention. As of April 2nd, the ADL’s campaign has reportedly been shut down and most of their worst edits reverted.

What is the reason for all of this activity? There is no real gain to society from giving massive boosts in publicity to the few actual anti-Semites out there. The goal is instead to keep liberal Jews terrified of the imaginary Neo-Nazi menace so that they keep the ADL’s 9-figure bank accounts full. If there was actually a danger, they wouldn’t need to staff a department of professional Wikipedia editors to promote it. These people are only in it for themselves, and don’t deserve any of our money or attention.