Skunks, Raccoons, and Leftist Jews – The Peculiarities of North America

As an Israeli and an American, I am often astonished by the many peculiar sights available in North America: Skunks simultaneously both cute and fetid, raccoons both fluffy and garbage-dwelling, and then Leftist Jews in support of Israel. I just don’t get it, but clearly, it belongs to the natural fauna.

By “Leftist Jews” I mean not a tendency to support more welfare and taxes Scandinavia-style; I mean full Wokery – zealous subscribers to the Marxist outlook for oppressors and oppressed, always ready to condemn America as “systemically racist” and to show contempt towards her traditional Anglo-American citizenry.

I don’t get it because supporting Israel while repudiating traditional America is completely contradictory. Israel, like Denmark or Japan, is a clear nation-state: It is a state defined as the homeland of the Jews, where the official language is Jewry’s ancient tongue, and where immigration is restricted severely based on religious and ethnic lines. Meaning, it is a country jealous of its cultural heritage and bent on conserving it. This is exactly how traditional Americans, or conservatives, see their own country. America is a 400-year-old Anglo-Western offshoot of European civilization and an heir to the thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon civilization. It is completely built on the basis of Anglo-Saxon institutions: The English language, the Common Law, our jurisprudence, and of course our liberties.

Yet Leftist Jews militate against all that: America must be “multicultural” they tell us. America must admit hordes of illiterate third-worlders as immigrants, refugees, and border-crossers. The American family is “sexist” and must be expanded to include trans-sexuals; the American Constitution is the work of “dead white males,” and America’s history is nothing but a sad melodrama of “systemic racism.” America’s traditions should be repudiated and in turn be replaced with social justice and multiculturalism.

Clearly, supporting Israel the nation-state and rejecting America the nation-state are not logically compatible. Yet it is not uncommon. Even the ADL, that propaganda tentacle of the radical Left, periodically flashes its pro-Israel credentials. Perhaps this results in the cognitive dissonance that makes many Leftist Jews so angry.

Does it work at least to ingratiate American Jews with the average Israeli? Not really. Israelis, by and large, love traditional America – that of open spaces, cowboys, liberty, settlers, and pioneers. When realizing an American visitor is of the Leftist, anti-American kind, we react with disdain. Just as Benedict Arnold had never been warmly accepted by the British, Israelis have little sympathy towards American Jews who militate against their own glorious homeland. We immediately detect the same corrosive element of which we have enough of at home.

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