ADL Watch #22 – Racist Numbers

One of the bizarre habits of the ADL is their tendency to give a nationwide platform to catchphrases adopted by any group nationwide that it considers white supremacist, no matter how small and insignificant. What I hadn’t realized is just how many numbers they have used this tactic to declare to be racist.

Did you know that 737 is a white supremacist code word? How about 511? Then we have 43, 38, 318, 311, 83, 9, 13, 12, and 100. Yes, every single one of those is a link to a unique article on the ADL’s website. And there are even more! Man, are there any numbers that aren’t racist? I guess Boeing (market cap around 130 billion as of this writing) ought to rename their world-famous 737 jetliner (all 10,000+ of them in use around the world) because some stupid prison gang in California decided to use the number as a call-sign. Maybe Government departments in major American cities should change their information and help lines that use 511 and 311 to something else for the same reason. And we’ll have to stop selling bagels and eggs and all sorts of other things by the dozen too – wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re secretly supporting Aryan Brotherhood.

Part of what’s going on here is that prisons tend to be full of racially-based gangs. These gangs are mostly formed for things like prison self-defense, taking care of beefs, smuggling drugs and phones and other contraband, and other such things. They may be a problem in prison, but none of them have much involvement with politics at any level, or much of anything else in the outside world. Yet somehow, when Blacks and Mexicans form violent prison gangs, it’s ignored or swept under the rug, but if White people form a violent prison gang, it’s a Threat To The Fabric Of Our Society and we must take it Very Seriously. We need to obsessively follow all of their members, keep track of their hand symbols and catchphrases, and publish it all to the world, so white-collar Jews in big cities can be vigilant towards the threat of a tiny prison gang from Idaho secretly recruiting their college-educated children.

Or in reality, the ADL is desperate to drum up donations, so they hype up the nonexistent threat posed by insignificant prison gangs to keep their donors constantly terrified and keep their wallets open. It’s about time we cut off their fear-mongering.