After a short patriotic break, due to the turmoil in the land of our forefathers, we are back to judge and evaluate the Jewish people.

Jews Behaving Badly

The fire and brimstone of Amos might seem generous when living upon the earth during our own unhappy times: “For three transgressions of Judah, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof.” Alas, the sins of Judah number much more than four and are indeed countless.

This week our choice is “if he’s in show business, anyone can make it!” Seth Rogen. Rogen, clam-faced, chubby, and generally unappealing, decided to salute “Cancel Culture.” Admittedly, I haven’t quite read through Rogen’s comments. I just find him generally insufferable, one of a growing breed of comedians who reject their profession’s essence of telling jokes, in favor of woke moralizing and trite progressive preaching.

In defense of Rogen, he is not the only professional transgressing into unrelated fields. Nowadays every third-tier accounting firm dabbles in racial and “social justice” pontification, so why not Seth Rogen?

For being an unfunny dope who looks like he suffers from permanent BO, Rogen is this week’s Badly Behaving Jew. With it he wins a kick in the rear from Balaam’s donkey.

Ugly Celebrities And How They Glamorized Themselves
“Beauty is truth, truth – beauty.” And the opposite, of course.

Jews Behaving Well

As ever, here the choices narrow substantially. Any scion of Jacob to have displayed true virtue this week?

Well, my choice is archaeologist Eilat Mazar. Granted, all she did this passing week was to pass away, but her death marks the end of remarkable achievements. More than any other archaeologist in recent decades, Mazar had been laser-focused on uncovering the glories of biblical Israel and Judah. Her crowning achievement was the discovery of a large array of fortified buildings in ancient Moriah, the site of King David’s Jerusalem. This massive public building, dating back to the 10th century BC, is colloquially known as King David’s palace, which it very well might have been.

For reminding us that before the Rogens and Schumers, before the Schiffs and Greenblatts, there was indeed King David, Mazar wins a seat within David’s tabernacle, and this week’s title of a well behaving Jew. May she forever rest in peace.

The City of David

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