Dr. Gregory H. Stanton of “Genocide Watch” has created a much-quoted paper claiming to describe the 10 steps to Genocide. Every article about it takes it quite seriously, though some have mysteriously changed the number to 8. How seriously do we at the Hebrew Conservative think it should be taken? Any theory like this worth its salt will work properly no matter who it is applied to. I got to thinking, what happens if we apply this theory to the much-maligned idea of White Genocide in America? How hard would we have to jam to make it fit? Let’s find out!

  1. Classification: A process of dividing society into Us and Them. With the phrase “White Privilege” on the lips of pretty much everyone in the Democrat party, Mainstream Media, and education establishment, I think we cover this one pretty well.
  2. Symbolization: This one is a bit more challenging to fit. Maybe the MAGA hat? They’re worn voluntarily though, and plenty of Black and Hispanic people wear them, though they also get called White Supremacists. It’s shaky at best.
  3. Discrimination: I think we’re pretty solid here. Affirmative Action related policies are the clear fit. I’m not so sure that shooting for a straight match of the local race percentages is a really solid fit, but we’ve gone way beyond that now. Explicitly excluding white people from things is becoming rather common. There aren’t many good articles about it, but I’ve heard a lot of anecdotes from white men who have been informally told that there are no career advancement opportunities for them at their company as it tries to emphasize promoting more “diverse” candidates over the most qualified.
  4. Dehumanization: Oh yeah, we got this one in spades. See here, here, here, here, etc. Hit any Liberal news source and you’ll find article after article saying nasty things about White people.
  5. Organization: We can make a pretty good case here, with the military top brass’s vigorous efforts to drill anti-White Marxist Critical Race Theory into the heads of American Soldiers. We haven’t heard much news come out about the FBI and other Federal Law Enforcement departments, but it’s rather telling that they sent 15 agents to investigate a garage pull in a Black NASCAR driver’s garage, yet made no effort at all to investigate the origins and organization of the BLM movement that has been destroying buildings, police stations, and monuments across the country. We don’t have any law enforcement organizations built around enforcing anti-White policies yet, but it doesn’t feel too crazy to say that it’s coming.
  6. Polarization: Hold on a sec, how does this come after Dehumanization and Organization? Pretty weird. Anyways, the first example that comes to mind is how Daryl Davis, a Black man who became semi-famous for his hobby of talking people into quitting the KKK, was protested by Antifa and called a White Supremacist. This section rather surprisingly also mentions disarming targeted groups, which pretty clearly connects to the increasingly vigorous efforts to destroy the Second Amendment.
  7. Preparation: How are we “Preparing” only after we “Organize” here? The order of these things doesn’t really seem like it’s coming together. To try and stick with it, nobody has made any specific plans for mass killings yet, but it is kind of disturbing how enthusiastic some of them seem to be about the idea of it. Harvard Magazine published an article titled Abolish the White Race, and this college professor tweeted “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide”. This “psychiatrist” seems to have fantasized about it as well.
  8. Persecution: The “identifying symbols” part here, I thought that already happened in step 2, I wonder why they have it again here. I suppose this section is supposed to be mostly about the deprivation of resources and forced relocations. We don’t really have anything that looks much like that happening. Though some of the things that they’ve talked about doing with regard to the “unvaccinated” sound like they’re edging in that direction – and the Mainstream Media is working pretty hard at denying that there are plans for quarantine camps for the unvaccinated, which doesn’t exactly increase my confidence that they aren’t planning that.
  9. Extermination: Ah, finally we’ve gotten to the step of actual mass-murder. There certainly isn’t any of this going on. Or is there? A section in the description talks about the “destruction of cultural and religious property”. Could we maybe paint the destruction of statues, monuments and churches as this? When it touches things like statutes of famous Confederate officers, I think, well I guess they kind of have a point, but their zeal about it is a little disturbing. When they start going after all status of Founding-era figures, even the ones that mostly opposed racism, such as Matthias Baldwin, outspoken abolitionist, or Robert Gould Shaw, leader of the first black volunteer infantry unit in the Civil War, I do see a little bit of this.
  10. Denial: It’s awfully hard to have denial of a genocide when there hasn’t been an actual genocide yet, right? I think the point can be interpreted a bit more broadly though. They mention “blaming what happened on the victims”, and the Left sure seems to be enthusiastic about that these days. When a Conservative speaker appears on a college campus and Antifa violently assaults them, they never fail to characterize their actions as self-defense against the “violence” of Conservative speech. It seems to follow that if they ever did carry out any actual genocidal action, they would be plenty enthusiastic about claiming it was self-defense in response to the “genocide” that was being planned against them by statements like advocating for judging people by the content of their characters rather than the color of their skin, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said.

Having gone through all the points, what are we to take from this exercise? I think the conclusions must be either that we are dangerously close to an actual White Genocide, or that these points are vague enough that they can be applied to many situations, from being actually close to genocide, to merely moderate tension between roughly equal groups with a few noisy but inconsequential extremists. I lean towards the second myself. At the very least, I would hope this takes the wind out of the sails of anybody claiming that we’re edging towards a genocide against Blacks or People of Color or something – if anything, we’re closer to a genocide of Whites than that.

The other aspect of this that I wanted to speak out against is – this is mostly a list of various types and aspects of policies of discrimination. Who’s to say that all discrimination necessarily leads to genocide though? The US has an ample history of discriminating against Black people, but they were never subject to a policy of extermination. We also interned everyone of Japanese descent in America during WWII, quite an act of discrimination, but we let them all go after it was over rather than escalating to mass murder. There are many such examples in other countries as well – consider the Dalit, the Untouchables of the Indian caste system, or the British treatment of the Irish.