Demography is everything. There is nothing we can do about it.

The most recent example is the gubernatorial elections in California. The right-wing media had us believe that Larry Elder had stood a chance. Elder himself might have believed it. But by the end, it was hardly a competition at all. Governor Nuisance won by a whopping margin of 64% to 56%. Not even close!

Why? Because a conservative message, MAGA or otherwise, of celebrating traditional America, promoting administrative restraint (meaning, giving away less free stuff), and controlling immigration appeals only to traditional Americans. And traditional Americans, due to six decades of uncontrolled immigration from the Third World, are a diminishing demographic.

Traditional Americans used to be a super-majority within the American population. As late as the 1970s, Americans of European origins were about 85% of the population. Ever since, however, the Rio Grande, the Ulua, and the Jamuna have been flowing into the Mississippi River. Now Anglo-Americans only amount to 60% of the American population. That means a few things in crass, basic math.

Basically, the Left has in its pockets 40% of the population: The swirling, easily mobilized, twerking, disenchanted, lacking-any-affinity-to-America, mass of blacks and third-world immigrants. True, some (like Lary Elder himself, or the venerable Pedro Gonzalez) vote for the Right, but by land and large, that is the case. Ok, maybe it’s 38% and not 40%, but let’s round up to 40%.

In addition, at least one-third of the European population are limousine liberals. You know, the kind of HR ladies and their husbands who feel purified and good through their placing of a BLM sign in the yard. So that’s another 20% (one-third of 60%). This 20% is slightly less secure than the above 40%, so let’s say 10% of them are “independents”, which means that only 10% are true liberals.

And so in total, the Left has a fairly secure 50% of the vote. Always. Meaning, the Left’s game is not a game of persuasion but a game of mobilization: Making sure the swirling, twerking masses fill out their forms, hand them out to ballot harvesters, mail them, and imprint them with their Dumbo’s mother signature (“x”).

For the Right, this is a completely different game. The Right begins with only 60% out of which, again, one-third are liberals or independents. That gives the Right a secure base of only 40% of the voters or so.

Thus for the Right, the game is both about mobilization and persuasion. The idea is to mobilize the base to vote but also (!) to persuade enough liberal and independent Anglo-Americans to either not vote at all or vote for the Right. Clearly, this is a much more difficult game to play, which is why the Right is fighting an uphill battle, and the hill is only getting steeper.

Now, in California, the situation is even more obvious. Anglo-Americans are only 36% of California’s demography, which explains why Republicans hold no state-wide positions in that state at all. Only a few county-level representatives.

Gavin Newsom is indeed an insufferable member of the hedonistic oligarchy, so perhaps running against him could convince a few Hispanics and blacks to stay at home. Still, however, this is a battle up an extremely steep hill. The Left’s machine of mobilization is well-organized and is designed to target apathetic voters. Counting on no-shows is not going to cut it, since with mail-in votes and ballot harvesting nobody needs to show up anyhow.

So Larry Elder succeeded slightly more than I had expected, but he lost by a large margin nonetheless.

The same fate awaits the rest of the country until we shut down the immigration spigot.

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