THC likes coming back to 4th century Rome. It’s a terrific analog to our times: A sinking society taken over by a crazed cult, the classical world washing away by the rise of Christianity.

Then as now, not everybody was delighted by the new “woke” cult burning down the old temples, defacing the statues of the gods, and destroying everything that came before it. Indeed, when Emperor Julian came to power in 361 he decided to roll back the tide.

Julian’s reign, alas, was brief. He had led Rome for only two years. But during those two years, he had managed to show us a path, like a flickering Hellenic ghost leading us out of the sad cemetery.

Julian was not interested in Diocletian-style bloody stints of persecution of Christians (or “Galileans” as was his favorite derogatory). Instead, he elegantly focused on decoupling Christianity from all sources of Imperial power.

In Julian’s day, it meant canceling the preferential treatment granted to the Christian clergy in all sorts of municipal tax breaks; he also eliminated their privilege of using the empire’s road system at the taxpayer’s expense.

Most famously and effectively, he ordered Christians to be kept away from elite teaching positions: He banned Christians from being grammarians. Meaning, he prevented them from grooming young, aspiring Romans who wished to find a place among the upper echelons of Roman society.

What can we learn? A lot. First, we must recognize what the enemy controls: The Left controls our universities, our large businesses, the federal administration, and the media. Meaning, all of these institutions should be weakened purposefully and without remorse. Then, using cunning and resolve we should do the following:

  1. Exorcise the Demon from the Universities: Once in power, through an executive order, the department of education (and other departments funding research) should stop granting funding of any kind to any university that: A) Engages in admissions based on anything but merit; B) Administers “Diversity and Inclusion” programs based on race, ethnicity or sex. It is simply a question of nation interest: The interest of Americans is to fund programs that result in our best and brightest contributing to our advancement, nothing else. Universities that wish to educate not in accordance with the national interest may do so, but without government funding.
  2. Draw out the Poison from Our Corporations: Again, through an executive order, the Federal Government should refuse to do business or employ, in any capacity, corporations that administer “Diversity and Inclusion” programs.
  3. Remove Limited Liability: Through legislation, America should make it clear that while groups of individuals are free to associate and form businesses, they are not allowed to automatically be granted a charter of limited liability. Corporations engaged against the national interest through the outsourcing of critical skills and technologies, or through the administration of anti-American propaganda, must not be granted limited liability.
  4. Purify the Federal Administration: Through executive orders and legislation, the next conservative administration should automatically fire the top three levels of every government agency or office. Lie detectors should be liberally employed to identify leakers and suboteurs.
  5. Mute the Tentacles of Propaganda: By and large the American media are no longer the healthy organs of a functioning democracy. They are frenzied tentacles of propaganda working to undo traditional America. A conservative administration should ignore their screams and screeches and deny them any privileges currently granted. In the same fashion that Iran Daily News would not be admitted on Air Force One, so should the New York Times not be admitted.
  6. Be Fearless! Above all be fearless. Nobody wins by using half-measures.

Could the Left reverse this if and when they regain power? Sure, Julian’s reforms were thoroughly reversed upon his untimely death. So let’s make sure to anchor as much of the reforms as possible in legislation; let’s also communicate effectively with the public. And above all, let try not to die.

Grey coin depicting bearded man with diadem, facing right. The text around the edges reads D N FL CL IVLIANVS P F AVG, clockwise.
Julian the Based

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