Yes, this is another semi-misogynistic piece. Sorry!

To the untrained eye, it may seem that our hyper-activism regarding Ukraine is a form of long-forgotten masculine verve. Ra! Ra! We’re sending weapons to Ukraine, we’re destroying Russia’s military, we’re defending the limits of Europe against the Russian hordes! Isn’t that the kind of masculine action and adventure conservatives and traditionalists should be rooting for?

Not exactly.

This hyperactivity, the inability to sit quietly, the need to always react and talk back, to exaggerate and throw hissy fits, is actually an extremely feminine trait.

Crenshaw is a sissy.

Men, like good old Lord Salisbury, Prime Minister under Victoria and Edward VII, appreciate calm restraint. “Whatever happens,” he famously said, “will be for the worse, and therefore it is in our interest that as little should happen as possible.” At our best, we men are stolid. We slack as much as we can, then spring into swift action when we must. Slack and attack. Like a paleolithic warrior going on a hunt then when the hunt concludes spends a fortnight singing by the fire under the eternal stars.

Women, traditionally, cannot sit quietly. They must busy themselves with the affairs of others, with the neighborhood at large, and with a never-ending list of things to do. This obviously has many benefits and uses – in a traditional setting, this is how neighborhoods are kept pretty and well-manicured (think “The Women’s League for the Beautification of Chicago’s Parks”), this is how local institutions are created, and how husbands are kept away from drinking themselves into squalor and laziness.

In a non-traditional order, however, like the one we have now, hyper-feminine conscientiousness, also known as a “Type A” personality, becomes the perverted norm.

If the dominant Victorian personality was the brilliant amateur who gets things done thanks to the equal magic of both his talents and charm, the dominant personality of the 21st century is the Type A nag. Think about the woman “project manager” who sends you 50 emails a day asking you to “please advise!” Or the corporate dame who throws a tantrum unless 500 appointments are scheduled in advance with their agendas already meticulously planned.

Since this is the dominant personality trait of the times, this is obviously not only limited to women. Men, castrated and effete, mimic this in a form of revolting Batesian evolution. I recall a long time ago as a young engineer, being sucked into an insufferable email exchange between eight or so “project managers.” Mostly women but several men too. It was an endless whirlpool of messages each commanding and apologizing simultaneously, each signed with a croaking “Please advise!”

Naturally, I resigned in horror.

My belief, which might be naive, is in recursive operations. Command smart people to “make it work” and they, in turn, will command themselves and others to do so. Harass them with protocols, Type A nags, and hyper-activism, and you get something like Citibank. Go work there if that’s your thing.

Back to Ukraine. What we’re seeing is our feminized Congress and Administration believing they “must do something!” No matter the annoyance or cost, they can’t sit quietly. They must nag the American people into action, but not the swift action of brilliance – a tiresome drip-drop of perpetual and nagging conflict.

Real men know when to do nothing.

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