I haven’t written about the ADL for a while due to a state of Lovecraftian confusion – the paralysis we feel when witnessing horrors beyond human comprehension.

Or maybe I’m like a hawk incapable of picking a target within the ever-shifting multitudes of a swarming cloud of starlings. There are just too many unwholesome targets to pick from.

But perhaps a little pause had been a good thing. In the meantime there emerged a dark and blasphemous dynamic in the screeching PR machine of the ADL. Due to criticism of its exaggerated obsession with promoting leftist causes, and with neglecting its original mission of fighting antisemitism, the ADL now makes the occasional sub-sonic burp about antisemitism. They even poke at their friends from the Left here and there.

However, the ratio of oy-veying about antisemitism vs. promoting BLM, mass migration, and limits on American constitutional rights is still very low, vastly in favor of the latter leftist causes.

Here are a few examples from recently.

The ADL throws some red meat in the direction of Israel-sympathetic Jews. Blah, blah, Hamas is bad.

But then it immediately follows with a string of corrosive leftist propaganda. Limits of free speech and the encouragement of persecuting conservative Americans:

Encouraging mass migration from the third-world:

Something about lesbians in sports:

And making abortion the new circumcision. It’s a Jewish thing!

Unfortunately, the ADL is not alone. 70%-80% of Jewish organizations have been captured by the frenzy of the Left and have debased themselves into an existence of continuous propaganda against their American host. Once more, we urge all decent Jews to shun them.

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