Happy birthday, Donald Trump! Live long and prosper!

I believe Trump was a good president. Even great. But like many a saint, much of his greatness was not in what he did, but in what he was made to bravely endure.

Like Christ, with His stripes, we are healed.

Trump did not even have one day of grace. Already before his inauguration, the Left’s ghoulish swarm was bent on delegitimizing his presidency.

He was despised and rejected.

Trump was accused of the most awful and vile things any public figure in history had ever been accused of: Racist, sexist, sexual pervert, Russian spy, traitor, the bringer of pestilential death, insurrectionist! A discordant yet coordinated chorus of the abyss had been incessantly screeching “Racist! Sexist! Waa!”

He was impeached twice!

His own supposed allies turned their backs on him. The GOP congress refused to promote his agenda, refused to assign funds to the border wall, and refused to act on immigration.

But he suffered for us. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.

Because through Trump’s suffering and endurance we are now stronger. Remember the stultifying terror of being called a “racist” by the Left? Who cares now! Remember twisting into a pretzel attempting to “prove” conservatism had nothing to do with sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or transphobia? Who cares? Bring it on!

Racism schmacism. Who cares?

The courage, resilience, the intellectual shield, the newfound irony, and above all the defiance that now characterize the conservative movement are all thanks to the effect of Donald Trump and his endurance.

Happy birthday, Trump! We kneel and cover our heads in front of your glorious suffering.

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