Day Of Hate? More like Day Of Grift

The usual suspects have been quite abuzz over the last few weeks talking about a supposed “Day Of Hate” allegedly being planned by anti-semites. But is there any actual fire behind all that smoke? Let’s try and find out! Unlike pretty much everyone else, I will give you actual links to the relevant sources instead of just making claims and asking you to trust me.

I spent a good while scouring the darker corners of the net trying to find anybody taking this “Day Of Hate” seriously. Near as I can tell, the original source is this Telegram post by “Crew 319”. It currently appears to have 1,696 views, and that channel has 754 subscribers as of this writing. It’s not clear to me how many people are actually involved in this “Crew 319”, but they appear to have done a real-life banner drop somewhere involving a total of 2 people. This does not seem terribly impressive to me.

Let’s see what the more active anti-semitic channels think. The ZoomerWaffen channel, with 31k subscribers, thinks that it’s fabricated by government agents, and the post making that claim has 16k views. The GoyimTV channel, 8k subscribers, also thinks that it’s fake, 2k views on that post. The GoyimTV founder appears to be “Handsome Truth” on Gab, where he has 11k followers, doesn’t appear to have mentioned it at all. The “Kitler” account on Gab, 23k followers, has written and reposted numerous things claiming it to be fake, all of which have dozens of replies and reposts and hundreds of likes. The “Real Six Million” account, 11k followers, also thinks it’s fake, with lots of likes and agreeable interaction.

Meanwhile, the ADL’s post about it has 74k views from their 340k followers. Sitting New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s post about it has 81k views from her 240k followers. The Times Of Israel wrote an article about it, as did Forward, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and countless other mainstream media organizations. I don’t have any way to tell how much engagement just the few linked articles have, but surely it must be many millions of views. Of course, none of those sources link back to the actual source of the event.

I have no idea if this “Crew 319” is real or not, and to what extent if any government agents are involved in this “Day of Hate”. It’s pretty clear though that to whatever extent it’s actually real, they are pathetically tiny and near-universally mocked by all of the anti-semites with any actual reach and popularity. There is hundreds of times more engagement with posts mocking and ridiculing the idea than with the actual idea. In my opinion, there is nothing less relevant to us than what 2 guys off in the woods somewhere who basically nobody actually likes think. Sure enough now, two days after this supposed “day of hate”, pretty much nothing of note happened.

I think we need to think about what we’re actually doing here. Attention and eyeballs are the currency of the modern world, and when the ADL and affiliated organizations lift these things from the dusty corners of the internet, they give them many millions of times more views and attention than they ever could have received otherwise. Their priority is to line their own pockets and keep people scared rather than keeping Jews safe from actual harm. This brilliant article in Tablet details far better than I could how the ADL has become a partisan attack machine primarily focused on selling indulgences and laundering corporate donations rather than protecting Jews and combating anti-semitism.