Considering all kinds of world-changing suggestions I see online, and given my limited time, I tried to devise a test to examine the seriousness of such suggestions. I call it the test of violence.

Let me demonstrate. Let’s say you are a French person calling for “reclaiming France.” What would it take to make it into a reality? Well, France is home to almost 6 million Muslims, representing something around 9% of the French population. How would you make them leave?

You may start by denying the transfer of money abroad (assuming that migrants send money to their relatives back home), which is a suggestion I see here and there, but that won’t make more than a few repatriate (“Sorry Maleekah, I can’t send you money anymore, but it’s still great here in France! I’ll email ya!”). So perhaps you’ll have to stop welfare payments to deny people the benefits of living off of the French state. But how will you differentiate between Muslims and ethnic French under the current French constitution? You’ll have to make radical changes, probably not through democratic means.

And let’s say you managed to deny welfare payments to Muslims. How many will leave? Surely not the whole 6 million. What next? You’ll have to revoke citizenship through some kind of ethnic or loyalty test, then deport people. But how will you deport? This means the physical act of forcing people onto buses then boats and off to Algeria and Libya. But why would Algeria and Libya agree to open their gates? You will have to conquer a bridgehead port in Algeria or Libya, ferry your sad passengers there, then defend the port against local attacks as needed.

Meaning, much harshness and violence. Are you ready? If not, your suggestion is not very serious at all and you should think about something else.

Let’s try another example. Restoring Anglo-America. This is a goal this blog is much enamored with, but is it possible? Surely not in a true ethnic sense. Per Wikipedia, Americans of English ancestry are about 14% of the population. This seems low to me, so let’s assume it’s double – 28%. What are we supposed to do with the other 72%? Not even Lovecraft would be OK with eliminating them (us) and it’s not even possible.

So this too is not a very serious suggestion, unless meant in a more cultural-spiritual sense.

Another one – traditional roles for women. Well, for good or bad, most women nowadays will most likely say “no” to the idea that they must be homemakers and should have no other avenues to pursue. Are you ready to force them to do it? Will you close universities and professional schools to them? How? The ship, it seems to me, has sailed and only a great violent force can drag it back to its domestic port.

What about homosexuals? You may think it a bad idea that many men now admit openly that they are fond of other men, but how can that be undone? The ’60s taught us that we should pursue all kinds of sexual avenues, we listened, and here we are now. Can this be undone without much violence? I don’t think so. Try it on Peter Thiel.

Or perhaps you dream of a “powerful authoritarian-traditionalist” state in place of current America. OK, but most Americans even before the country’s founding have had a different idea. The most conservative Americans, as anybody who’s ever visited a Proud Boys event can attest, actually tend to be the most individualistic. How will you force an alien idea of a centralized powerful state upon them? Using Lenin’s methods? Good luck!

So I think you can see by now that this is a very useful test. If the literal implementation of your idea requires much violence, and if you are not willing to inflict such violence, you should probably convert it to a kind of cultural-educational suggestion. Or perhaps you could do what countless Americans have done throughout the generations, from the Puritans to the Mormons, and found a local community of your own. Extreme federalization can accomplish quite a bit, justifying the basic conservative instinct of localized government and personal virtue.

If, however, you fail the violence test yet continue to advocate the same ideas (“Women should have no place in public life!”), then unfortunately you are mostly a comic relief.

Heed my advice, young men!

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