Colonialism used to enjoy a positive reputation. For the ancients, it was an obvious thing that when a city grew beyond its capacity to sustain itself, it had to form a colony out there in the distance. Hence the Greeks had settled the entire Eastern Mediterranean, the Phoenicians formed colonies in North Africa, and the Romans founded colonies anywhere imaginable.

The pride of the colonist was not to be lost amongst foreigners in a distant land but to extend his home culture through a new offshoot. Indeed, the most famous image is that of Aeneas, fleeing Troy while carrying with him the lares, the household gods, to be resettled on remote shores.

Aeneas carrying his father who is carrying the household gods.

In the 16th century, colonization was associated with earth-shattering discoveries – the amazing voyages of Columbus, Magellan, Da Gama, Drake, and others. Western Europe now entered the colonization game, sending out its civilization across the globe, like the floating seeds of the dandelion. The most successful case clearly was that of Great Britain, which founded a vast English-speaking colonial empire, encompassing North America at first, and Australia and New Zealand later on. An empire where the common law, and with it English liberties, jurisprudence and governance, have breached the borders of the small motherland, to cover the vast expanses of far-off continents.

Yet colonialism is a naughty word nowadays. Our woke state religion which divides the world into oppressors and oppressed sees Western colonialism as the mother of all vices, a defiant and brazen negation of multiculturalism and self-hate. Decolonization is the order of the day: Literature must be purged of “dead white males” such as Tennyson and Shakespeare; math is to be decolonized from its Western-centric notion of the absolute; classical music is to be purified by removing Western male composers and introducing African, or lesbian ones, in their stead. Even ornithology isn’t safe! Too many birds are named after DWMs (dead white males) and must be decolonized.

The push to “decolonize” works like the rest of Wokery, by playing on the decent sentiment of ordinary people and assuming nobody will dare to ask – well, what is wrong with colonialism? My answer – nothing! Three cheers for colonialism!

The globe’s best and most advanced societies are all the result of fairly recent colonization: America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. All are societies of peace, the rule of law, and a fair judicial system. All are societies where men can live in safety, without fearing the harsh hand of despotism and arbitrary dictates.

Colonizers are the best conservatives. They are the emblem of piety towards one’s ancestors, culture, and traditions. Like Aeneas and Anchises, they carry with them the household gods onwards into the wilderness. One day, unless the Left reduces us to a society of savages attending perpetual mandatory diversity and inclusion sessions, we shall colonize space and take afternoon tea with a view of the rings of Saturn.

Besides, every society is a colonial project. No human community is autochtonous. The Japanese came from Korea displacing whoever had resided there before. The Saxons displaced the Celts and in turn, were displaced by the Normans. The Franks displaced the Gauls, the Arabs displaced the Berbers, the Aztecs displaced the Mayans, and the Incas displaced all sorts of people by their empire.

None of the above means that men of the 21st century should emulate the methods of Attila, Pizarro, or Emperor Wu. Wait in line politely for your latte macchiato like everybody else! However, we should not be ashamed to hold onto our culture, to perpetuate it, to teach it, and to pass it on to our posterity. Anglo-Western culture is our legacy, not a sin to “decolonize.” Carry on the torch and colonize, colonize, colonize!

ADDENDUM: In light of recent events, defenders of Israel may wish to take note. Instead of twisting into a Yiddish pretzel when accused of being settlers and colonizers, bear it with pride! Yes, we are colonists, hurray!

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