ADL Watch #1

The Anti-Defamation League, a gaggle self-appointed censors and “hate” experts, is probably the worst expression of Jewish culture in America. Unfortunately, while contributing about 20% of all American Nobel Prizes, we have also punished the nation with this pseudo-arbiter of fake extremism.

Here’s a fine example:

As visible, with the same fetid breath, the ADL (rightfully) condemns antisemitism in Germany, then demonizes American conservatives. Somehow, wayward selfie-takers in furry costumes are bundled together with German neo-Nazis.

This is of course completely intentional. The ADL’s definition of “hate” is a simple one – anything that dissents from progressive orthodoxy. More than concern about antisemitism, the ADL consistently displays contempt towards traditional America. It persecutes ordinary citizens wishing to live by the customs of their forefathers. Americans defying the imposition of mass immigration, cosmopolitan values, and the incessant dismantlement of their heritage and monuments.

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