ADL Watch #8

Why is the ADL so insistent on portraying America as “racist, sexist, homophobic,” you know the drill? Are they really too idiotic to notice that they are playing RIGHT INTO an antisemitic stereotype? That of the fungus-like Jew, corroding the ties that bind his home country. What exactly is the ADL hoping to achieve, beyond a tidal-wave of fairly defensible antisemitism?

Why not to to emphasize our countries heroic and epic sides? Why not to celebrate America as the crown jewel of Western civilization, the only civilization to have put a stop to slavery, the opression of women and to teach the rule of law to the rest of the world?

Like Furies armed with snakes and torches, the Greenblatt gang runs fervidly through the halls of Tartarus, tweeting and screeching “Racists! Aaahhh!”