ADL Watch #12

Ah, the tedium. As a Jew I couldn’t care less about Leonard’s usage of the k-word and I absolve him immediately. Why? Three main reasons:

  1. Leonard is married to a Jewish woman. His children will be Jewish. Clearly, there was no malice in his intent.
  2. Anybody with any experience in online gaming knows there’s a norm of using locker-room kind of speech. The b-word, n-word, k-word, and many other no-no’s are used to everyone’s delight. Call it mischievous competition.
  3. Leonard is extremely good-looking. As Keats taught us “Truth is beauty, beauty – truth.” Therefore he can do no wrong.

But the ADL obviously owes its very existence to whipping up these daily 2-minutes of hate, so whatevs. Move on.

For a change, I’m on the left side this time.