The Anti-Asian Hate Canard

Accepting the US has no media anymore, only a coordinated propaganda machine, things become fairly transparent. There is always the hysteria du-jour: “MeToo,” “Babies in Cages,” “Climate Change” (usually a backup topic), “White Supremacy,” and now – Anti-Asian Hate.

There’s never any change in the data: Men have been harassing starlets since time immemorial; Children have always been separated from criminal parents; KKK membership has been on the decline since 70 years ago; and blacks in urban areas have been attacking Orthodox Jews and Asians since forever.

What’s changed? Nothing really in the world, only in the mental universe of the woke hive-mind. The powers that be excite themselves and their acolytes into febrile hysteria every two weeks or so, normally for political purposes. “MeToo” was a wonderful weapon against Trump and his judicial nominees; Climate Change serves the cause of transferring power onto the administrative state, etc.

The Asian case is slightly more insidious. My hypotheses: The Left has been sensing its loosening grip on the Asian minority. CNN has just declared Asians to possess a “confusing” place in the racial hierarchy. De Blasio, NYC’s mayor and one of Wokery’s high priests, ran on a platform of affirmative action that hurt mostly academically-minded New York’s Asians. The Biden DOJ has just dropped a lawsuit against Yale University, where discrimination against Asians was alleged.

Meaning, the Left has been screwing over Asians for some time and it’s becoming difficult to hide. The solution? Let’s throw Asians a few victimhood bones. “Sorry Orientals, no room for you in the Ivy League, but here are your 15-seconds of victimhood!”

Murphy Building, Downtown East St. Louis | Building, East ...
East St. Louis. It’s not that great on the victim side of the ledger.

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