As our fiscal erosion sends investors to find refuge in Bitcoin, our societal erosion is raising the value of Vict-coin. What is Vict-coin? Clearly, it is our new social currency, a measure of one’s victimhood and grievance. In a sense, it measures one’s distance from that creature assumed to possess all the privilege on earth – the heterosexual white male.

Thus, the more remote you are from the men whose compositions resound in our concert halls, and whose theorems are studied by math students, the more Vict-coin you have. A black transexual non-binary lesbian is very rich in Vict-coin. A black woman a little less so. A lesbian perhaps a bit more. A white housewife is relatively low on Vict-coin, but were she to come out as trans she would find a few extra deposits in her account.

In a society sanctifying diversity over cohesion, and “equity” over fairness, everybody wants to be a victim. We all know it instinctively now – the whitest of whites and straightest of straights would now recall an immigrant great-grandfather in their college application essays, or at least a drunk, disabled aunt.

However, not all forms of victimhood, and not all forms of privilege are equal. The likes of LeBron James, even though they may be stratospherically rich and good-looking, are still allowed to claim their fair share of Vict-coin on account of their skin color. White males, on the other hand, even if they are poor and ugly, are not allowed to claim any Vict-coin compensation.

The recognition of one’s victim status then, gaining acceptance for one’s existence as an aggrieved victim, is the first step towards Vict-coin accumulation. And hence we see all sorts of people and organizations sitting by the side of the road as beggars with outstretched hands, awaiting recognition in supplicancy. For instance, this incident: Jewish organizations are (rightfully) appalled at the smashing of doors and windows at four Bronx synagogues. However, we’ve had a whole summer of entire city blocks being torched, smashed, trashed, and becoming generally unlivable. Where was the crying then?

Or the recent reporting frenzy regarding “Asian Hate.” Where was the wailing when the Leslie family was murdered, or when Cannon Hinnant was executed at point-blank?

Meaning, what we are seeing is a craving for Vict-coin. “Recognize my victimhood! I’m not like those plain white generic Americans who shop at Walmart, whose deaths and well-being can be ignored! Notice me too! I might not be black, but I am the next best thing!”

If you really can’t claim any Vict-coin for your own name, due to genes that are indisputably European and a sexual inclination lacking any same-sex fascination, you may yet invest by proxy. Think about it as an index fund. Just brag that you support “diversity,” that you have “binders full of women,” or that despite suspicions of sexual harassment, at least you were kind enough to hire females. Like Jedi mind tricks, this works on the feeble-minded.

Needless to say, celebrating one’s supplicancy is hardly an honorable thing. Rather than being Vict-coin-chasers, men of honor should stand athwart the advancing rabid Left and step up to the plate of defending traditional America. We all rise and fall with America.

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No Vict-coin chasers here! Not even Rover.

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