Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well

Welcome to THC’s new weekly blockbusting award show: Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well. Each week we shall crown the winners! Jews behaving badly will be awarded the Symbolic Rosenberg Throne. Jews behaving well will be gifted Herzl’s Beard.

Jews Behaving Badly

One day, perhaps when the Messiah, he who is the scion of David, shall come to us, this might be a more challenging award to give. Currently, the possibilities are endless! This week’s winners of the Symbolic Rosenberg Throne are the leaders of Bend the Arc – a progressive and thoroughly woke Jewish advocacy. The organization’s website, like overly saccharined lemonade, is loaded with salutations and genuflections to every possible chic-woke-progressive cause! Immigration, “social justice”, BLM, blah, blah.

This week they promoted BOTH mass immigration, and the tedious hysteria du-jour regarding anti-Asian hate (the “Asian-hate” canard is explained here).



No cause corroding the Anglo-Western American polity is too boring for Bend the Arc to pursue. And thus they are awarded the Symbolic Rosenberg Throne.

Jews Behaving Well

We have ourselves a bearded lady this week! Herzl’s Beard goes to Ilana Mercer, a staunch immigration patriot and a consistent critic of foreign intervention and the follies of Neo-Conservatism. This week she scribed a cheeky piece, exposing J.D. Vance’s approach to immigration as a collection of platitudes about “compassion.” Immigration policy, Mercer points out, should be adjudicated by one standard only – the interests of the American people.

Never one to mince her words, the stunning Ilana Mercer.

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