Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well

Jews Behaving Badly

The miracles of the Almighty are plenty, yet no divine manifestation, it seems, will ever vanquish the sins of our people! This week we have a classic – a Jew in BOTH finance AND entertainment, scamming it on both sides!

Zachary Horwitz, who apparently goes by the stage name Zach Avery, has been swindling and defrauding Hollywood types through some sort of Ponzi scheme. It seems he was exploiting the general hunger for low-grade anything goes content on Netflix and HBO to convince investors to pay for film distribution rights on those platforms. Or something.

Jews in America, alas, often live up to their caricature of a lefty corrosive element. Not often though, do we have a case of fitting so perfectly into the archetype of the slimy financier AND media low-life. For that double whammy, Horwitz gets a kick in the rear from Balaam’s donkey and this week’s Bad Jew award.

A double loser.

Jews Behaving Well

More happily we have Stephen Miller. Miller, President Trump’s former senior advisor and the architect of the Trump administration’s immigration strategy, has launched a new initiative. Implementing the one eternal lesson from the long sad history of the Jewish people, Miller decided to punch back. His new legal group is planned to be the counter-punch to the ACLU and endlessly harass the Biden administration and its appendages with lawsuits and court challenges.

Good luck, Stephen! May the dulcet sounds of David’s lyre accompany all of your endeavors.

Antique Art Medal King David with Lyre Signed Galtie SS-279
Good luck, Steve!

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