ADL watchers have noticed an escalation of late in the group’s rhetoric. First, there’s been an increased interest in the US military, with the ADL pushing to purge it and subvert it so it can better serve the interests of the Wokerati. No need for patriotic traditionalists with guns! Only the woke, as feminine and purple-haired as they may be, should have access to the American arsenal.

And now, Clausewitz style, there is an attack on the right-wing media’s center of gravity – Tucker Carlson. Tucker, the most articulate voice on the Right nowadays, dared to critique America’s policy of mass migration. Doing so, he described the zeal for more and more illiterate migrants from the Third World as an attempt at replacement. For that, the ADL is now demanding his head. Like frenzied Nazgul following the call of the Woke Ring, relentlessly seeking to dismantle traditional America, they screech and croak “Racist! White Supremacist! Waaa!”

The screech of the woke Nazgul.

Needless to say, Tucker is neither of the things dumped upon him through the ADL’s bucket of sewage. He is no antisemite or white supremacist. Only a patriot observing the obvious: How does mass immigration serve the interests of ordinary Americans?


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