Jews Behaving Badly

Admittedly, I wasn’t looking too hard. Schumer is always a safe bet. And in a way, my laziness was inspired by Schumer himself. Just as I was able to turn off my thinking and cruise on auto-pilot by choosing Schumer, Schumer can be trusted to always provide zero-thought-required leftist trite cliches. Need someone to genuflect in a make-believe ethnic African garment? Schummie is there! How about packing the Supreme Court? Leave it to Schumer! And this week, we have Chucky wielding his kitchen knife at our electoral norms.

You see, Schumer is really for H.R. 1, the bill intended to accelerate our transition from a representative republic into a mob of mobilized, undiscerning hordes.

For a long time the Left has taken an issue with our form of representative government: With the electoral college, with the Senate, and with the states managing their own electoral policies. What the Left loves, is the opposite of a government of discerning citizens, considering serioualy the issues at hand. Instead, the Left is after mobilized the unthinking hordes: “Hey y’all, I’m here to collect your voting thingy! Just fill it out, I’ll send it for ya! Not sure how to vote, here, let me help you, no ID needed!”

And so, for being a permanent ass, Schumer wins a kick from Balaam’s ass, and with it the title of this week’s Badly Behaving Jew.

Jews Behaving Well

The righteous, they say, perform their good deeds quietly through others. Perhaps this is why finding a weekly well-behaving Jew is not an easy task. Or maybe there just ain’t that many!

Whatever the reason, this week our pick is the thundering Mark Levin (Marcus Tonans!). To the delight of this column, he provided an impressive tear-down of Biden’s speech before congress. Levin didn’t mince any words, exposing Biden’s agenda for the anti-American Marxist propaganda that it is.

For that, Levin gets a spot under the roof of David’s Tabernacle, and this week’s Well-Behaving Jew Award. Congrats, Mark!

Winners and losers.

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