Jews Behaving Badly

Of the pseudo-sciences of the 19th century, the most convincing is physiognomy. We definitely CAN judge a person by the features of their face. In New York Times columnist Tom Friedman‘s case, the puffy cheeks and sunken eyes bring to mind a furtive grand vizier, scheming behind the throne room.

Indeed, Friedman, this week, had the audacity to feign concern about what he called Trump’s “Big Lie.” Otherwise known as the very reasonable critique that the elections of 2020 were a show not of discernment and adjudication, but of crowd mobilization. Friedman is filled with zealous rage that the “Big Lie” is… wait for the cliche… a “danger to our democracy.” It’s also not “who we are.” Zzzzzzzz

Regardless, isn’t the Grand Vizier sitting on a Big Lie of his own? Was he not conspiring with the entire editorial cadre of his newspaper to completely hide from view any reports of Hunter Biden’s laptop? The laptop proved to be a cache of embarrassing information and inconvenient documents regarding both Biden Jr. and Sr. – one a crack-addicted train wreck (who is also somehow a Private Equity executive and an international “businessman”), the other, now sitting in the White House, is connected to the dealings of the former. Yet the New York Times and Friedman suppressed all reports about the topic, wrapping around their man like the propaganda tentacle that they are.

It brings to mind a previous column here – when ideology triumphs over honorable standards, can you trust your Jewish professional? Well, we certainly cannot trust Friedman’s journalism. And for that, he is this week’s receiver of a kick from Balaam’s donkey, and with it the Bad Jew Award.

Jews Behaving Well

We are glad to report that our ranks seem to be swelling. More and more Jews are revolted by the leftwards lurch of the organizations supposedly representing them. We previously covered the Coalition for Jewish Values and its attack on the reptilian ADL. This week, another Hebrew collaborative submitted a missive condemning the culture of suppression, cancelations, and angry leftist frenzy that has become so common across Jewish organizations.

This website obviously would go much farther (hey, we just made racism Kosher), but still, the group’s letter, issued by something called “The Jewish Institute for Liberal Values,” contains some strong words: “On issues of racial justice, powerful groups in the Jewish world have foreclosed the usual deliberative process. Rarely do Jewish organizations encourage discussions that include differing perspectives, even from within the Black community. In some cases, Jewish leaders have even denounced Jews for expressing unpopular opinions.”

Well, maybe not THAT strong, but altogether not a bad start. We won’t be offering these guys a seat in David’s Tabernacle, but they may still receive this week’s Good Jews Award. Congrats!

Tom Friedman, behaving badly, and Bari Weiss (one of the JILV-letter signatories and a former NYT columnist), behaving well.

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