Jews Behaving Badly, Jews Behaving Well #6

Another week is coming to an end, another celebration of prizes and awards begins.

Jews Behaving Badly

As ever, the choices are plentiful. Marxist Jews? Woke Jews? Trans-Lesbo-Gender-Studies academics? Harpies and Furies? Orcs and goblins?

Well, this week we shall have to settle for Jerry Nadler. The heaving, gasping, panting, half-asthmatic mini-troll now wishing to pack the US Supreme Court. Nadler is an archetype of a kind of Jewish lefty (Adam Schiff is another case in point) – What he lacks in grace and good looks he makes up for with frenzied zeal and to dismantle America’s long-held traditions. Statehood for DC? You Bet! Subverting our voting process into a centralized system of horde-mobilization? Sure thing! Packing SCOTUS? Right away!

The chances of such a bill passing the Senate are low (at the moment). But like Mr. Hanky, its smell and spirit shall linger on. And for that Jerry Nadler is this week’s receiver of Balaam’s donkey‘s kick in the rear.

Jews Behaving Well

1,500 of our brethren, proving the blood of the Maccabees still runs through some of us, are the winners of this week’s Good Jew award. The Rabbis of the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), revolted by the ADL’s recent assault on Tucker Carlson, issued a scathing letter, addressed at the ADL’s fungus in charge, Jonathan Greenblatt.

The Coalition for Jewish Values, which represents over 1,500 traditional, observant rabbis in American public policy, is distressed by grossly misplaced charges of antisemitism made by your organization. Your recent attack on Tucker Carlson of Fox News, calling it “white supremacist” to question whether particular policy choices enable illegal immigrants to nullify the votes of American citizens, is merely one example.

The full text can be found here.

These traditional rabbis, adorned by traditional, old-fashioned Jewish names – Pesach, Yoel, Avrohom, Dov – have unleashed a sentiment long pent up amongst many American Jews – the corrosion of Leftism epitomized by the ADL is to be destroyed. Sinistrum delendum est.

May the rabbis and sages of the CJV dwell eternally under David’s tabernacle.

Thanks, chevreh!

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