If recent events have not persuaded American Jews they should avoid Wokery like the plague, nothing shall ever do so. Where do I begin?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, suddenly not satisfied with social justice warfare confined to America alone, has shared her ideas about Israel. Apparently, she thinks the country that 82% of American Jews believe is “important” or “essential” to them is an “apartheid state.”

Bernie Sanders, the disheveld senator from Vermont, accused the Israeli governemnt of being, wait for it, “racist!” “We can no longer” he wrote, “be apologists for the right-wing Netanyahu government and its undemocratic and racist behavior.”

Despite Jewish organizations’ enthusiastic support for mass immigration, and their hysterical objections to President Trump’s travel ban, our multi-cultural allies still decided to take to the streets. In DC, hundreds of what looks like Arabs or Muslims took to the streets, shouting and accusing Israel of “oppression.” In London, thousands of that city’s multi-cultural crop were enriching their host country by chants of “f%ck the Jews.”

The flower of England’s youth.

In NYC, mayoral candidate and leftist Andrew Yang, the darling of the city’s Hasidic Jews, has backpedaled on a statement of support for Israel, fearing the frenzied wrath of woke acolytes. Even in bucolic Vermont, the Jewish owners of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company are accused of being a “bunch of Zionist motherfuckers.

Perhaps most offensively to the Jewish Left, the jargon so beloved by Jewish intellectuals and their organizational employers, that of “whiteness,” privilege, and all sort of “systemic” things, is now being casually used against Jews and their state. Jews are now “white supremacists.” Their state engages in Apartheid. Like American textbooks daring to teach Tennyson or the Founding Fathers, Israel is to be “decolonized.”

There is an obvious irony here or even karma. Jewish organizations in America, at least 80% of them or so, have engaged in all sorts of hard-Left shenanigans: Supporting mass immigration (“it’s who we are!”), rabidly opposing Trump’s travel ban, making themselves “allies” of blacks, bejeweling their websites with diversity, inclusion and equity statements, you know the drill! It was not supposed to end up like this! They were supposed to love us! Well, tough luck. The progressive golem, so supported by Jewish organizations, now rises against its creators.

The Golem of Prague.

Yet hope remains, paraphrasing Galadriel’s comforting words. We can ditch the Left and realize that Jewish interests, like the interests of all free and honorable people, lie with the conservation of the settled societies of the West. Not with multicultural dystopias resembling a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh, but with well-ordered, law-abiding Western nations, where Judeo-Christian tradition triumphantly reigns. We are all Proud Boys now.

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