The ADL, a taxidermied carcass pretending to speak for real Jews, has a new initiative. It shall partner with PayPal to monitor and block “hate.” Peter Thiel and Elon Musk must be turning their backs in shame on their StartUp child.

It’s not clear whether the ADL, smug and suffused by the scent of its own flatulence, is aware of the irony. As if the ADL needed to fall into another Semitic cliche, there they go and do the “Jews and money” thing.

Let’s think about some of these cliches:

First, Greenblatt himself looks like something out of Der Sturmer; second, the ADL behaves like an antisemitic caricature, supporting every leftist radical cause under the sun; third, the ADL exudes contempt for the settled people of its own country, excoriating traditional America with the zealous screeches of a flock of Nzagul, “Racists! Sexists! Waaa!”

And now, the ADL is getting into finance…

An antisemitic caricature.

Needless to say, the ADL considers as “hate” that should be blocked by the titans of finance, as the creed of ordinary Americans: The traditional family, immigration restriction, love of country, and support for one’s legacy.

I myself am a very lowly member of the tribe of Judah. But can’t our rabbinical authorities do something, at least symbolic? Can we not excommunicate the ADL? We’ve punished poor Spinoza for far lesser spiritual crimes.