Oscar Wilde, the brilliant yet tragic author and playwright of late Victorian, and Edwardian times was famous for his paradoxes. Those were always witticisms composed of opposites, combined together in a surprising way. For instance:

“The oldest thing about America is its youth.”

“I have a simple taste. I always settle for the best.”

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.”

“Only the shallow know themselves.”

Beyond the amusing shock value, the paradoxes often contain a philosophic truth. How are we to judge a person declaring to know himself through and through, if not as a shallow simpleton unaware of the complexities of human existence?

Nonetheless, once you get the hang of it, it is fairly easy to come up with paradoxes of your own, if less profound and meaningful:

“A crowded party is the loneliest thing in the world.”

“To be free of tradition is to be a slave to fashion.”

“There’s nothing more homogenous than a conference for diversity trainers.”

I could go on.

The acolytes of the American Left are all experts in a similar craft. They notice the countless disparities between blacks and everybody else, then name something as racist.

Given that American blacks are a relatively dysfunctional minority, this is very easy to do. For instance, 77% of black births occur in single-mother households. Thus the black family isn’t much of a thing, and so blacks are less likely to be seen hiking and camping with their families, horseback riding with their families, attending family reunions in Mackinac Island, MI.

For the Left, this is a boon. What a great way to construct trite cliches about racism, that nonetheless impress the congregation of the brainless. Let’s call them “race-grams.”

Hiking is racist!”

“Riding horses is racist!”

“Mackinac Island is problematic!”

Try a few on your own! Given the rate of dysfunction amongst American blacks (the assembly line of single motherhood, gangster rap, and inner-city dwelling does not lead to much success in the sciences) there are almost no black Nobel Prize laureates. So:

“The Nobel Prize is racist!”

There are also very few black composers of classical music (with the wonderful exception of Scott Joplin), and very few classical music performers, so:

“Going to classical music concerts is racist!”

Blacks happened to live in Africa during the time of Michelangelo, not in Italy, and so he wasn’t much concerned with depicting them, so:

The Sistine Chapel is racist! It has no black figures!”

I think you get the drift. Given how easy it is, only the truly brainless or the truly intimidated must buy into this. The funders, leaders, and propagandists of the Left certainly know how absurd this all is, yet they push forth these things. Why? As a way, of course, the incite against, to shame and dismantle traditional America.

Gezocht: studenten die een roman in zich hebben - Vox magazine
“Spelling is racist!”

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