Something an observer of the Jewish community in America quickly notices is the tendency to name people “Jew-haters.” Usually, the epithet is bestowed upon those who express contempt of a nasty enough quality, against either Israel in particular or the Jews in general.

As readers of this website may imagine, such behavior makes me a bit uncomfortable. First, there’s a certain paranoia associated with these things, which is uniquely Jewish. Like Mrs. Bennett from “Pride and Prejudice,” you just wish the people involved to shut up a little bit.

Second, it reminds me of the embarrassing way in which Muslims behave. You draw a little cartoon of good ol’ Mo, and it’s decapitation-palooza. Just take it quietly like a man.

Third, the whole thing is extremely myopic, ethnocentric, and misses the point. Let me explain.

Example 1. Rashida Tlaib, the insufferable Squad member from Michigan, likes to post on Twitter things like this:

“Blah, blah, blah, Israel is racist,” you know the drill. Understandably, Jewish organizations then denounce her as a Jew-hater. But is this all that Tlaib really is? What exactly have you been waiting for? She is a frenzied harpy who supports mass immigration from the Third-World, defunding the police, likes to kneel in front of the altar of St. George Floyd, uses every opportunity to excoriate traditional American as “systemically racist,” and is a case in point of the perils of importing a hostile elite.

Meaning, first and foremost Tlaib is a gentile-hater, an America-hater, not a Jew-hater. Jewish organizations waiting for her to pop against Israel while remaining silent about her other shenanigans remind me of a lazy teenager. Living in squalor, he nonetheless stays in his room. Not caring about junk in the yard, filth in the kitchen, or his drunk mother splayed on the couch. Only when the roaches crawl into his adolescent sanctum, does he finally rise.

Example 2. Commentary Magazine recently published a piece accusing key Jewish figures and organizations of “Jew-hate.” Once more, loathsome characters were appropriately denounced, such as the reptilian Jonathan Greenblatt, the insufferable Sarah Silverman, the crazed-Marxist Bernie Sanders, and a few others.

I would take a jab at all of them, and have, actually, in the virtual pages of this august publication. But again – Is the core issue with Greenblatt and his ADL, Bernie Sanders, and others, their “Jew-hate?” All are goblins croaking and screeching about how sexist, systemically racist, white supremacist, and colonialist America is. First and foremost these are gentile-haters, deracinated wraiths committed to the dismantlement of their home.

Example 3. Here we get to this week’s example, the storm in the ice-cream cone involving Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s. Caving in to pressure from Arab activists and the frenzied Left, B&J decided to ban the selling of their industrialized custards in the West Bank. Without getting into too much detail, Jewish organizations have then denounced Cohen and Greenfield as Israel-haters and Jew-haters. I do not disagree.

However, is this really the first appropriate opportunity to denounce the two? Both drag behind them a train of anti-American activism, support for mass immigration and Third-World refugee quota increases, fully-fledged BLM cultism, accusing America of “systemic racism,” and generally being the quintessential cartoon of the radical Jew.

Meaning, primarily these are gentile-haters.

So what I learn from the examples above, and from a few pieces of information I have already shared with my readers (the fact that Jewish organizations are by and large on the hard Left, the fact that 60% of Jews see themselves as liberals committed to “social justice”), is that Jewish organizations normally care very little about gentile-hating. The same goes for leftist Jews in general.

All are more or less on this spectrum, inspired by the evolution of Pokemon:

They begin as mildly contemptuous leftists of the social justice kind, then progress into full acolytes of Wokery in an assault on traditional America. Out of consistency, some even progress to the third step where they deploy the same blasphemous principles, but this time against Israel. At that point, Jews still in the previous, less evolved stages of leftism, may cry “Jew haters!” and denounce the more evolved form.

All three forms, alas, seem to share contempt, latent or explicit, towards traditional America, that of Anglo-American traditions, the common law, of settlers and pioneers, planted solidly within the West and conserving itself as such.

And so, this week’s Jews Behaving Badly Award goes to all three forms of the leftist Jewish Pokemon. Balaam’s donkey may have to put in some overtime hours, but all shall receive a kick in the rear.

File:Donkey cartoon 04.svg - Wikimedia Commons
“I never signed up for this!”

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