A favorite pastime amongst conservatives is to point at the many inconsistencies of the leftist agenda:

“Where is #MeToo when Biden is accused of harassment?”

“Why does nobody care about mass shootings committed by blacks?”

“Why is nobody talking about anti-Asian crimes anymore, now that it’s obvious they are all committed by blacks?”

“Why is it safe to riot for BLM during the pandemic but not to go to church?”

“How is Antifa just ‘an idea’ but the burnt-down houses are real?”

While I find these inconsistencies amusing, it is very silly to think that pointing them out might impress, or persuade, anybody on the Left. Why? Because these inconsistencies are not a bug, they are a feature. Meaning, having one set of rules for BLM demonstrators and another set of rules for good ol’ American church-goers is how the leftist agenda is designed.

Remember Romo’s Razor! Noviculam Romi Memento!

This leads me to Romo’s Razor. Given the smashing success of the Romo Rule of Assimilation, here is Romo’s Razor – When you can’t find an explanation for the Left’s behavior, try the simplest one: They are after destroying America. Once you apply Romo’s Razor, things become very clear: BLM riots can be used against America, therefore they shall be sanctified. Going to church is a feature of traditional America, therefore it should be banned.

Mass shootings committed by whites are a good assault on the Second Amendment and America’s traditional liberties; mass shootings committed by blacks are uncomfortable, so no need to bring them up. The #MeToo movement is useful for attacking conservative judges who uphold America’s old Constitution, but it has no use if applied against a leftist presidential candidate.

“Science” is a great thing to invoke when attempting an administrative takeover of America’s free exchange system in the name of environmentalism; however, no need to bother with “science” when making up 72 additional genders in an attempt to dismantle the traditional American family.

The Romo Razor is the Left’s modus operandi. Each and every “policy” suggestion made by the Left is aimed at one thing: The dismantlement of traditional America. Packing the Supreme Court, mass immigration, environmentalism, “reproductive rights,” inter-sectionality (that contradiction-riddled alliance of the aggrieved against the common enemy of traditional Americans), defacing statues, sanctifying new holidays, all of it.

In the words of Roger Scruton, more measured than my own rhetoric, the Left has embraced a culture of repudiation. It is animated by a sick desire to repudiate the past, our shared legacy, and our shared institutions. To justify this desire, a hodgepodge of “-isms” and “studies” is invoked, and a nebulous cloud of pseudo-terms is created: Intersectionalism, white privilege, equity, diversity, social justice, blah, blah. All of these pseudo-concepts have but one aim – the repudiation and dismantlement of traditional society.

Like the French Jacobins and their febrile philosophes who assaulted the Church only to replace it with a new blasphemous religion, our new frenzied revolutionaries are consistent in only one thing – their desire to destroy what is ours.

A pincer movement against America.

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