OMG you guys, the ADL is after the Proud Boys. Again!

The reptilian Greenblatt, a wart-faced dweeb who used to run crying to the principal in high school, never ceases to obsess about the Proud Boys. This jovial fraternity of bibulous men, which celebrates Western values and traditional masculinity, seems to deeply disturb the ADL. Searching their website for “Proud Boys” easily produces at least 10 pages of results.

Why the obsession? From up close I can tell you the Proud Boys deserve their Latin name: Pueri Magnanimi, the Magnanimous Boys. It is a happy few, a band of brothers of patriotic men who wish to conserve the legacy of their forefathers and pass it on to their own posterity. The Boys’ main activity consists of lively drinking and grilling sessions where like-minded men gather to have a good time. At the same time, many members know their way through a fistfight.

Naturally, deracinated dweebs and purple-haired feminists cannot stand this type of thing. What?! Folks who actually love their country and appreciate tradition?! They must be dismantled like a bronze statue of Robert E. Lee.

But let me remind the ADL’s constituents: You are much safer with the Proud Boys than with the ADL itself.

On dweebs and men.

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