As Mordecai once did in Persia, American Jews are now sounding a “loud and a bitter cry.” Why? Because their presumed friends on the Left have chosen not to renew funding for the Iron Dome system, Israel’s shield against Arab rockets.

Happily, the funding will be renewed at some point. And with or without it, wealthy Israel will prosper anyhow. But once again American Jews are being smacked in the face by the golem they themselves have created.

For reasons that must be psycho-genetic, American Jews are zealously obsessed with radical notions of “social justice,” “equality,” and sticking it to the settled people Anglo-America.

Time and again surveys show us the obvious: Super-majorities of American Jews vote for the Left; pluralities and majorities of Jews define themselves as “liberals” concerned with “social justice.”

In addition, as this website has demonstrated, most major Jewish organizations are propaganda affiliates of the hard Left. Urelentlessly, they dedicate themselves to the promotion of chic “social justice” ideas, the excoriation of traditional America, the worship of BLM, the deification of George Floyd, and the ever flooding of America with migrants from the Third World.

Wokery. Mass immigration. Contempt for traditional America. Don’t act like you haven’t seen it at a temple near you.

Well, guess what? This is all coming back to bite Jews up the rectum.

Mass immigration, so beloved by Jews and their organizations, has brought to us Muslims now harassing Jews on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Not to mention, it gifted us with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Cortez, and their voters.

I mean, how stupid can one be? Which kind of polity is safer for the Semitic variety? A large Switzerland, a traditional Anglo-America, or a hybrid of Syria, Honduras, and Bangladesh?

Wokery is no different. It might be fun to accuse the Wentworths next door of “white privilege,” but very quickly somebody is going to notice your own Jewish privilege. The fact that 33% of America’s billionaires are Jewish, and that 25% of the Biden Administration is of Semitic origins.

It may be morbidly satisfying to accuse America of being a “systemically racist colonialist project,” and to rejoice in the defacing of beautiful monuments and statues. But surely somebody must notice that the same accusations, aimed at tearing down one nation-state, are easily applied against Israel, the ancestral homeland of the Jews.

So, American Jews, as Jabotinsky had advised, it’s time to heal: Leave your mental pit of ashes and decay and reject the ugliness and corrosion of Wokery, mass immigration, and the radical Left. Love America, embrace her heritage, conserve her legacy and protect her borders.

If you want the Iron Dome, show some iron balls.

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