The Twin Blasphemies

Recent events call for a sequel to our post from earlier this month, the seminal “We Are All Proud Boys Now.”

So what have we had thus far? An assault against Jews in Los Angeles, initiated by a mob of Palestinian activists harassing polite LA diners, asking, “who’s a Jew?” before attacking their self-identifying victims.

We had a gang assault in New York, where one of the persons arrested was named Faisal, or Ibrahim, clearly of Mayflower stock.

We had an attack in Brooklyn by a young man named ‘Shaukat,’ also clearly of Anglo-American roots.

We also had incidents in Skokie, IL, and in Florida. And then countless additional attacks in that haven of diversity, NYC, where abuse towards Jews by people with names like ‘Waseem’ has become a sad norm.

There’s been much intellectual abuse as well: Bernie Sanders, the looney senator from Vermont has accused Israel of “racism.” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the representative from the Bronx and ever a profound Twitter intellectual, described Israel as an “apartheid state.” A high school in New York now urges its instructors to neglect the teaching of Shakespeare and instead pontificate about how “racist” Israel is.

An overpaid administrator at Rutgers University had apologized for condemning antisemitism, then added some nonsense about George Floyd plus a cliche statement to placate a “Justice for Palestine” organization.

I could go on and on. What we are seeing, amazingly, is the two main projects of the American Left being turned against Jews and their ancestral homeland: Mass immigration and Wokery.

The main projects of the American Left.

Mass Immigration from the Third World

The damage wrought by mass immigration upon American Jews is obvious. Wasseem, Faisal, and Ibrahim are products of the Immigration Act of 1965 when America decided to throw away national quotas and admit 1M-1.5M immigrants per year, based on family relations (chain migration). A nation that in the 1960s featured a population that was 85% European, is now a multi-ethnic heterogenous polity, where Europeans hardly add up to 60% of the general population.

America’s Brazilification, the nation’s transformation into an incohesive salad of communities, each competing for America’s next top victim (blacks are winning), does not benefit the Jews. Like every community diverging from the common majority, Jews benefit from living in a lawful Western society bound by individual rights and general tolerance. The erosion of the nation’s Anglo-American base, and with it the importation of feuds and intolerance from abroad, spell nothing but trouble for the Jewish community.

Not to mention that the average Third-Worlder shares none of the general Western guilt and historical remorse regarding antisemitism. Nobody from Honduras cares much that someday “it may happen here.” Sorry!


Wokery, in turn, provides another line of attack. The ideology forged by generations of Marxists, through the decadence of French Theory, down to its brainless terminus in the writings of Robin Diangelo and Judith Butler, is now turned against the Jews. Apparently, when you divide the world into rich and successful oppressors, and downtrodden oppressed minorities, it’s very easy to notice that Jews are hardly “oppressed.” If it’s “systemically racist” that blacks make up only 1% of America’s billionaires, it must be as systemically racist that Jews overshoot their place in the general population by making up 35% of America’s most wealthy.

And thus, the same pincer movement corroding America herself now has America’s Jews in its clutch.

The pincer movement against America

The Golem Rises against Its Creators

All of the above is rather unhappy, but there is a layer of irony especially reserved for those amused by such things. America’s Jews, of whom 70% vote for the Left and 59% define themselves as “liberal,” should surely feel a bit contrite at the moment. With 76% of Jewish organizations being committed to the Left, and 60% of Jewish organizations being committed to the Left’s flagship projects, mass immigration, and Wokery, Jews should perhaps declare an ad-hoc Yom Kippur and spend some time in serious introspection.

The Leftism of Jewish Organizations

While American Jews are definitely not the sole perpetrators of leftism in America, the simple fact of the matter is that American Jews and especially Jewish organizations have been leading contributory vectors of hard leftism. We all remember the grim story of the Golem of Prague: The horrid creature created by the Jews to protect them, ended up killing, dismembering, and maiming the Jews themselves. The Left, alas, is another such golem, and now we are witnessing its rise against its creators.

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