Feudalism gets a bad name; usually by means of comparison. We often compare that system of lords and serfs to the evolved English Monarchy – that of the English Bill of Rights and of parliamentary supremacy – or to the Italian republics of the Renaissance; and indeed by that comparison feudalism falls a bit short. But at a time of one civilization, Western, rising from the ashes of another, Classical, feudalism made a lot of sense. It was the right system at the right time. For Europe, following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, needed stability above all.

Europe of that time was a society of mostly peasants and their warlord defenders. The peasants needed defense, the warlords needed sustenance, and hence a system was developed: The peasants would stay where they were, their posterity too, and would enjoy relative safety; the lords would provide protection, and conscript themselves and their own posterity in the defense of their domains and beyond.

Over time, the system had become rather elaborate: The lords had developed their own social hierarchy, each being the vassal of a lord above him, all the way up to the king. In parallel, or within the system, enclaves free of feudalism had been carved out. We know them as cities and towns, where a small middle class, ensconced between the lords and the peasants, a community of merchants and craftsmen, had prospered.

It was a rather stable system: In northern Europe and in England it had lasted in relative purity until about the 14th century – a good 800 years give or take. With the advent of complex commerce, expensive warfare, and sophisticated fleets, the middle-class enclaves have expanded dramatically. Eventually, the whole system was diluted, to be replaced by the early modern age of high commerce, exploration, and nation-states.

So natural feudalism is a rather benign, even necessary, thing. In America, however, we are seeing now a unique phenomenon – that of forced feudalism. A form of feudalism that emerges not because of historical necessity, but due to contempt towards the American republic.

The American elite is doing everything within its power to usher in a new feudal era. Remember: The enclaves of the middle class, the expansion of which has eliminated feudalism, have to be minimized and eliminated to achieve the reverse. Which is exactly what the American elite is after.

Our middle classes, naturally united by the patriotism of a settled and virtuous people, are now poisoned by a toxic ideology stripping them off of their national pride, civilizational affinity, and history. The nation’s statues are defaced, the nation’s curriculum is replaced with self-hate, and simple acts of patriotism, even standing for the national anthem, have become “problematic.” Thus the bonds connecting the American middle-class to their own ancestral country, and to each other, are dissolved.

Politically, the middle class is being outmaneuvered by an alliance of elites and twerking underclass-types. No longer is election day a serene ritual of thought and adjudication. Instead, during the long course of a month or so, we now witness a process of mobilization. The henchmen of the elite go door to door to solicit the votes of the illiterate underclass, who then like Dumbo’s mother, sign the paperwork with an imprint of their finger.

The cities, the historical bastion of the middle classes, the economic powerhouses that once had housed illustrious mercantile guilds, artisans, craftsmen, and small businesses, are too becoming middle-class vacuums. Nowhere is this clearer than in places like San Francisco and New York. Strict zoning laws resulting in high housing prices, rising homicides, and a hostile environment for families, have cratered the middle class in such places. Instead, the lords of Wall Street and of Big Tech are sitting high, while below there swirl the twerking masses of the underclass, languishing in squalor and occupied by their own violence.

Economically, decades of “outsourcing,” “free trade,” and a transition to a “service-based” economy, have sapped the main sources of pride and income out of the American middle-class: No more are we making engines, nuclear reactors, computer chips, or televisions. All those now come from abroad. Instead, our populace is encouraged to take on vapid roles in marketing and compliance, consulting and sales, or else pine alone and desolate amongst the crack-shooting masses. Inflation, should it persist, will only further reduce the dwindling economic heft of Middle America.

And so another age of feudalism is being forced upon us. This time though, it is not an Ivanhoe-like world of festive jousting, exciting crusades, and fair and gallant ladies. Instead, we are being drowned in the screeching ugliness of an imbecilic, nihilistic elite, and its vassal hordes of twerking illegals and minorities.

We were caught unprepared. The hour is late, but we can now see through the propaganda and trite cliches of our self-assumed overlords. Protect the middle class, and Middle America’s engines of prosperity.

Our own graceless feudalism, below.

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