Dreams do not often come true. But the dream of many a Jewish mother, to have a son who practices law, does indeed come true relatively often. American Jews are 3.3 times more likely than the general population to be lawyers. Astonishingly, Jews are also 13.3 times more likely to be law professors at elite universities.

Is it a good thing? Well, given the general hard-core leftism of so many Jews, and especially of Jewish organizations, it is not.

So it didn’t exactly come as a big surprise when I discovered who presides at the American Bar Association (ABA). A person named Jack Rives who by his own admission was a lonely Jew in the Georgia small town of his childhood, and as a result, has apparently developed a characteristic resentment to all things traditional American.

Rives’s organization, the ABA, is a temple to the kind of brainless Wokery so fashionable amongst America’s elites: The website features a “Diversity and Inclusion Center,” a “Migrant Justice Center,” and general genuflections in reverence of BLM and Saint George Floyd.

The monolithic ideological zeal, so resembling the tone of a cheap revivalist church, is sort of amusing until one remembers that the ABA is the only game in town. It is the only body whose accreditation matters to law schools around the country, and to many states which require a license to practice law.

And so, using its power and influence, the ABA is now forcing American law schools to go even further down the path of Wokery. Through a plan adopted during its “Diversity Summit,” the ABA is proposing that accreditation of law schools shall depend on “diversity and inclusion” standards, including the “effective actions that, in their totality, demonstrate progress in diversifying the student body, faculty, and staff.”

Meaning, the ABA wishes to mandate racial quotas and affirmative action.

Academically, the ABA seems to profess no interest in deepening the students’ understand of the legacy of the common law, but they are passionate about… you guessed it! Race and gender. Schools shall be mandated (or else) to offer “education on bias, crosscultural competency, and racism.”

In general, a simple “Control+F” reveals 18 appearances of the word “Race” in the 14-page document, 38 appearances of “gender,” and 15 appearances of “Color” (all of which are related to skin pigmentation).

And so, for joining another frenzied Nazgul of the law, we bestow upon Jack Rives the “Jews Behaving Badly” Award, and with it a juicy kick from Balaam’s donkey.

We asked before, given the ideological fervor of so many American Jews, whether the average customer should trust a Jewish professional to do a good job. In the field of law, it looks more and more that the unhappy answer would be a negative one.

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