As the excellent countertenor, Franco Fagioli, sings (see below), “we are drifting on the cruel seas, without sails or hope, with nothing but Fate to guide us.”

This website has assumed an impossible mission indeed: to wrest America’s Jews from the claws of the Left. But alas, we are often hated and scourged by those we attempt to save.

It is now quite the pattern – insults are heaped upon us from every side. Unsurprisingly, leftist Jews denounce us as Nazis, racists, bigots, blah, blah, blah. Nothing much to be astonished about, such is the behavior of leftists in general. This was to be expected.

However, we are also excoriated by Jews claiming to be not of the Left, or even “conservative.” Here the pattern is somewhat more nuanced, yet always results in the same kind of hysteria, calls for excommunication, and cries of delegitimization.

Normally it would go like this:

THC: To be a Zionist in America, you must first be a Zionist FOR America.

Fake Con: You’re a goy! Are you even Jewish?! You like Christian thinkers!

THC: I am a super Jew, the scion of pioneers and brave survivors.

Fake Con: You don’t have a rabbi, you’re a goy!

Here’s one example:

And here’s another:

In both cases, perhaps out of tribalism, the fake-cons are unable to debate the simple claim that American Jews should focus their sentiments on America. They should act as citizen-custodians of the Republic, as guardians of the common good. Instead, however, such adversaries elect the path of ex-communicating poor THC, by questioning our Semitic credentials.

Now, maybe it’s not very nice to call people “shadowy wraiths belonging neither here nor there,” and also “Ellis Island effluvium” is not the sweetest thing to say, but still, this kind of paranoia is highly dishonorable.

But indefatigable, we continue to urge our fellow Jews to repent.

“I am drifting on the cruel seas.”

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